EXPOSED: Here Is The CHILLING Piece of Info Obama’s Immigration Chiefs Are Hiding From Americans

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The Obama administration has touted the fact that it has allowed thousands of refugees into this country as a good thing, despite the fact that our vetting system is painfully lacking.

Now, as Breitbart reported, we know that refugees have brought diseases with them, including tuberculosis, and that the infection rates are being withheld from the public in Michigan — and other states as well.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services officials have decided not just to keep from the public the data about the tuberculosis infection rate among refugees resettled in the state — they don’t even collect it, despite being required to under the Refugee Act of 1980.

The MDHHS has concealed this vital information from the public by its refusal to compile it from the county health departments and local refugee resettlement agencies that do the initial health screenings for refugees.

Breitbart News asked MDHHS spokesperson Bob Wheaton for the information collected about latent tuberculosis infection rates. He responded: “We do not have that data.”

Some states provide the information on a regular basis. Minnesota, for example, released data that showed that 22 percent of newly arrived refugees tested positive for latent TB infection in 2014.

States that reported their data showed the following rates of latent TB infection among refugees: Indiana (26 percent), Arizona (18 percent), Utah (18 percent), Texas (15 percent), California (12 percent), and Florida (12 percent.)

Other states didn’t provide the information as readily, but did so after repeated requests by Breitbart News: Tennessee (27 percent), Vermont (35 percent) and Idaho (21 percent.)

This is a serious issue and even more so if Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is elected and her proposal to massively increase the flow of refugees into this country is put into motion.

Michigan’s evasive tactics about TB data invite the question: If the Obama administration’s refugee policy doesn’t pose a danger to the public, why hide the numbers?

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