FEMA OFFICIAL WARNS: “…EVERYTHING West of Interstate 5 Will Be Toast, MASSIVE Natural Disaster Coming”

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PACIFIC NORTHWEST (INTELLIHUB) — “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast,” a FEMA official told Kathryn Schulz of the New Yorker. “When the next full-margin rupture happens, that region will suffer the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.”, Schulz wrote about an anticipated future mega-quake.

“The worst natural disaster in the history of America is coming […] if I lived right now in the Pacific Northwest I would be considering moving — seriously,” Fox newscaster Shepard Smith warned his audience before going on to explain how a “colossal earthquake and […] tsunami” will likely strike the Pacific Northwest in the not too distant future.

“They [scientists] are all in agreement, it is absolutely coming,” said Smith, “a wall of water […] up to a hundred feet high and up to seven-hundred feet across.

“Houses […] dump-trucks […] schools” will be washed away, “thousands and thousands will not escape.”

“Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Olympia, Salem and Eugene wiped out. Altogether about 7 million people and that’s not including tourists.”

“These massive 9.2 earthquakes […] happen at regular intervals […] on average, according to scientists, about every 240 years.”, said Smith.

The segment, which was based on the New Yorker’s write-up, also featured top Astrophysicist Michio Kaku. Shockingly during the broadcast Kaku explained how the Cascadia Fault has already yielded evidence to “scientists” showing how “we could be long overdue for another big one.”

“In the inundation zone we have 70,000 that have almost no clue as to what could happen.”, said Kaku. Unfortunatly Smith already pointed out that the massive tsunami would likely hit about “fifteen minutes” after the earthquake leaving no time for people to flee.

Kaku also offered some advice, saying, “I would think twice” about living in the Pacific Northwest.”

0 thoughts on “FEMA OFFICIAL WARNS: “…EVERYTHING West of Interstate 5 Will Be Toast, MASSIVE Natural Disaster Coming”

  1. They have it all wrong. My research shows that everything east of I-5 will fall into the Atlantic Ocean !

  2. they have been saying that shit for years its not going to happen in my life time for sure

  3. Shepard Smith , you have been sucked in by a bunch of fools !
    1. There has never been a 9 ANYTHING earthquake within the lower 48 states !
    2. The activity on this fault line has been on frequency of about 450 years for quakes over 7
    3. This fault line is 200-300 off the West Coast of Washington State and about 400 mile West of Seattle !
    4. You were showing a map where the Cascade Mountains meeting the Pacific Ocean , it never happens ! The mountains that meet the Pacific are the Olympics and would present a significant barrier and absorber of any energy from an offshore earthquake !
    5. The channel from the Pacific to the Puget Sound is very narrow and would not allow a huge surge from the Pacific tp come through!
    Please get your facts straight on this issue , it should be accurate if you are going to present it on Fox and have your name associated with this drivel !

  4. There are a few of us that have worried about what is going to happen to the Western part of Oregon.
    We have moved to the east side of the Cascades but know people still over there that do not beleive that anything is ever going to happen.

  5. Why do I have to see naked asses all of the time, every time I click on something, this nasty stuff is in my face….I know our God is looking down unfavorably on this…I don’t want to see it..

  6. So why do they keep building these nuclear plants on the water of all places where their are faults! May I ask who THE HELL IS IN CHARGE YOU SHOULD BE FIRED! DIDN’T YOU LEARN FROM JAPAN!

  7. Dr.Hussey, my geology professor at uiv.of Mich.said it will happen. ” buy ocean front property in Colorado”

  8. this will be cool. wish this world would just burst like a zit. it is full of hate anyway, wish my grandkids had a better place to grow up and be happy, such a sad world.

  9. The most obvious statement is that many of the people in this region do not have a clue. Science politics what is right and wrong. They just do not have a clue

  10. This guy couldn’t predict his next trip to the shitter, the plates will shake, but not to the exten this guy says!! Fear mongering should come with a sentence. Throughout the history of the world and its beginning the plates have separated. They all matched up when you looked at the map fitted together.. If this prediction of this guy was correct, then how would AFTER millions of years the pieces still fit? Land masses don’t just fall off into the abyss..

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