Former Trump Aide Reveals The BIZARRE Reason Why The Donald Never Buttons His Suit Jacket


According to his former senior advisor and close confidante Roger Stone, there is a reason Donald Trump doesn’t button up his jacket during public appearances.

 Conservative talk show host Larry Elder asked why Trump didn’t button his jacket, saying he’d never seen that with a politician before.

And he isn’t the only one. We found dozens of fashion critiques of Trump online, including this one from TIME fashion correspondent Eric Wilson after the last debate:

Just look at Trump on that stage in Cleveland. How could you miss him, even among a panel of 10 almost identically besuited men? Navy suit, red tie, white shirt, American flag pin on his left lapel –what differentiated Trump was the fact that he was the only candidate who did not button his suit jacket while he was standing on stage.

It has been described as a “fashion faux pas” again and again, from Vogue, to Gawker to HuffPost.

But according to Stone’s ominous response to Larry Elder, it has nothing to do with fashion — it’s because he is always wearing a bullet proof vest.

It’s no surprise that Trump is cautious about his personal security given the deluge of death threats he has received since becoming the Republican frontrunner.

Following his controversial comments on Muslim immigration, there was an explosion of “kill Trump” threats made by leftists on Twitter.

Trump first began wearing a bullet proof vest at the recommendation of the Secret Serviceafter a “massive” number of death threats, related to his immigration rhetoric and after reports that the world’s most wanted drug lord El Chapo had put a $100 million bounty on his head.

Trump’s vow to build a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico has stoked major resentment and even more death threats.

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