Hillary: ‘We Just Have Too Many Guns … In Our Homes’


During a Wednesday campaign stop in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton stated that there are too many guns in American households.

“When it comes to guns, we just have too many guns,” the former secretary of state told the crowd. “On the streets. In our homes. In our neighborhoods.”

“There’s been a lot of talk in this campaign, in the primary campaign, about the power of certain interests in our country,” she continued. “We do have a bunch of powerful interests, make no mistake about it, but there is no more powerful lobby than the gun lobby.”

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0 thoughts on “Hillary: ‘We Just Have Too Many Guns … In Our Homes’

  1. So Hillary says there’s “no more powerful lobby, than the gun lobby”. Well, I suppose that’s because the gun lobby isn’t just the gun companies, nor is it an organization called the NRA, as most liberals see it. No, the gun lobby is the voice of many millions of law abiding Americans, who will continue to staunchly defend our self evident 2nd Amendment rights, as guaranteed by our Constitution.

    When are the Dem’s going to realize that their anti-gun agendas kill them at the polls. More importantly, when they do get elected to office, when are they going to take an oath, and actually be faithful to the Constitution?

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