What This ICE Agent Told Trump Minutes Ago Will Bring Down The White House!

US News Viral

Cameras caught ICE officials telling Donald Trump that illegal aliens are being allowed to vote this year.

That’s why Obama is rushing to get these illegal aliens citizenship. The ICE official says that it is only so that they can vote.

The US Border Patrol workers have already endorsed Trump in September. Obama has so far released 19,000 criminal illegals back onto the streets of America. He is doing this only to retain power for the Democratic party!

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We need to go to the polls wearing red so that Hillary cannot cheat this election like she is planning to do. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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0 thoughts on “What This ICE Agent Told Trump Minutes Ago Will Bring Down The White House!

  1. Americans need to stop this petty BS that happened 11 yrs ago and start facing the real issue, that’s getting rid of the real problem Hillary Clinton. The Clintons have done it all, from Bill having affairs in the White House while president to all the corruption they are both involved in? Why is it they get away with all they are involved in? Whatever Trump did or said 11 yrs ago he was not in anyway involved in the White House. If she wins get ready for another 4 yrs of Obama, plus that smart ass Tim Kaine. God help us all.

  2. I like the phrase OHOMO . it says a lot . and explains his Muslim religion (hidden for the masses) and transgender husband Michael’s situation. And why they’ve been so obsessed with the gay movement and not respecting men and women’s rights with public restroom facilities – spending outlandish resources so Michael can use whatever bathroom he/she wants is insane.
    Their Muslim beliefs and racist foundation have taken the US back 60 years in race relations via Soros-backed Black Lives Matter bullshit, while the Obummers are spending billions on lavish vacations with their black rapper party friends ,,,,while our poor children in the Appalachians, hit hardest by his destruction of the coal and mining industries, suffer with no jobs, no income, no president concerned with their welfare at all. Obanana is all about himself and his Muslim beliefs … and more concerned with Beyonce’s tits, Michael’s (Michelles) enforced insane food
    mandate for school kids that no one eats is a total expensive disaster, and celebrating rappers at the White House to the tune of hundreds of thousand of dollars per night in luxury food and entertainment, glorifying the worst in the bblack urban life style – sends the wrong message to the American people. Kids deserve parents that work, not twerk.

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