Idiot Decides to Pet This HUGE Deadly Snake… Guess What Happens Next


Imagine coming home to find a HUGE DEADLY snake inside your home, all curled up in the corner waiting for you! Now imagine an idiot doing the same thing…and then reaching out to touch it- you know, because he wants a viral video…

According to the video’s description, the incident reportedly took place in Brazil after a man came home to quite the frightening sight. Somehow, a massive snake had made its way into the guy’s home, prompting him to investigate a little further. reports that the slithering reptile was actually “a green anaconda. These snakes, the heaviest in all the world, can weigh over 200 pounds. This one appears to be well over 100 pounds. Green anacondas can be found in remote areas of South America.”

The guy eventually pulled out a camera to document the incident – which just about anyone might do – but what he did next has put quite a few people on edge. Seemingly trying to demonstrate the size of the beast, the cameraman then tried to use his hand as an item of scale and put it against the snake.

NOPE! No way… I’d burn down the house, and move some place where nothing like that could slither into my house EVER again. It looked like it had just ate too! That guy better be checking on his house pets!

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