In Response To School Shootings, TWO NC HIGH SCHOOLS Placed A SHOOTING RANGE In Their Facility!


Gun violence has been a heated topic in this country for some time now, with very polar opinions on the issues and the solutions.

Despite the controversy, it is a necessity to continue to train some Americans to use a weapon—whether it be for law enforcement or for joining the armed forces.

In order to best train their students, JROTC decided that they should start having members practice their aim as soon as possible, so that they were the best shooters they could possibly be.

Their proposal received support and funding, and they were able to build a 1,200-square-foot, six-lane, indoor shooting range at Smithfield-Selma High School. Students have started target practice using Daisy air pump rifles, and the range has been a hit.

They are required to undergo comprehensive gun safety training before entering the range. Not only do they need to take a safety course, but they are required to get a 100 on the test. They’re also required to have a signature from home and to sign a safety pledge. After that, they are tested in the range.

At the moment, only four students have permission to use the range, but the goal is to grow that number over the next year.

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