Islamic Teens Sexually Attack Young Girl Outside Their Mosque… That Is, Until Her BOYFRIEND SHOWED UP!!

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According to reports, the Brooklyn DA”s office is investigating allegations that the two teens beaten by an enraged boyfriend outside of a Brooklyn Mosque were sexually assaulting his girlfriend.

The Post reports that he probe was launched after the unnamed woman in the incident came forward with claims that the two teens were taunting and molesting her. Christopher Vallaro, her boyfriend, rushed to her rescue.

In response to the new allegations, the DA”s office has scheduled a meeting with Vallaro and his girlfriend to get more information. They both insist the teens reached through the car window and groped her breasts and body. When Vallaro heard her screaming for help from his apartment, he did what he could to help her.

“A few weeks ago I reported on a bogus ‘hate crime’ ginned up by the notorious terror-tied group, CAIR and advanced by their running dogs in the enemedia,” Pamela Gellar wrote of the incident. “Two Muslim teens were beaten up outside a Brooklyn mosque and CAIR was demanding a hate crime investigation and the NYPD submitted to their Islamic demands. Even though at that time, I correctly reported that the Muslim teens were harassing a young woman and her boyfriend came to her aid. Now we find out, not only was I right, but it was worse than that.”


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