BOOM: White House Just Did Something For Women, That Has Liberals Losing Their Minds

Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump just announced that the State Department is taking a historic first step toward prioritizing women's rights around the world, since women are "the most untapped resource in the developing world." Right ....

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Armed Homegrown Terrorist Minutes From Mar-a-Lago, Trump Assassination Thwarted

No matter how sensational a story is, the left-leaning mainstream media will squash it like a bug if it doesn't fit their liberal narrative. They have been sitting on a story about the potential assassination ....

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Mysterious Plane Crash Now Under CRIMINAL Investigation! What Does Ukraine know?

On Wednesday, a Boeing 737 owned by Ukraine International Airlines, with 176 aboard, crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport. All the passengers were killed. Little is known about the disaster but the ....

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ISIS Just Released a HORRIFYING Statement About ‘Caliphate Army’ Already In The U.S…All Thanks To Obama!

Over the last 8 years, ISIS and their sick radical ideology has completely infested our world. Luckily, that is all slowly coming to an end. After declaring war on everyone that is not ISIS, even the ....

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BREAKING: Women’s March Leader and Pro-Sharia Law Activist Linda Sarsour ARRESTED (Photos)

Do you remember Linda Sarsour?  She was main organizer of the massive and insanely bizarre Women's March on Washington. A photo was discovered shortly after the march that proved Sarsour has ties with an accused financier for the terrorist group ....

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