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LIBERAL Michael Moore Just Got This DEVASTATING News, America Is CHEERING!


Did you know that the extremely obese Canadian liberal scumbag, Michael Moore had a new documentary in theaters? Yeah, me neither. But he does and it’s TANKING BIG TIME!

Where to Invade features Moore visiting countries that he believes offers a better version of the American dream. But the film has faced a series of challenges since premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2015, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Where to Invade — Moore’s first film in six years — opened to an estimated $897,034 from 308 theaters for the three-day holiday weekend, according to final figures released on Monday. That puts the per-location average at $2,912, the worst of the filmmaker’s documentary career behind the $4,452 theater average of The Big One, which opened to $146,909 from 33 theaters in 1998. And it’s also behind the $3,810 average of his one feature, Canadian Bacon, which debuted to $53,345 from 14 theaters in 1995. $933,240 from 308 theaters for the three-day holiday weekend.

The liberal pig had planned a 50-state tour to promote his crappy film, but the tour was scrubbed because Moore was hospitalized for pneumonia.

His medical condition forced him to cancel scheduled appearances on Conan and Real Time With Bill Maher.

So, the dude’s garbage is tanking. No wonder he hates America so much.

Screw this moron.

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