Michelle Obama Promises To CONFISCATE ALL FIREARMS Before Leaving The White House


VIA| Well it appears that Michelle Obama is not yet done championing her own agenda. According to recent reports, Michelle recently decided to appear in Chicago to beg for more gun control. Chicago was an interesting choice for the venue, given that they have both the strictest urban gun control laws, as well as the highest homicide rate in the nation.

Also true to the Obama way, Michelle decided to make herself the focal part of the story. When she spoke of Hadiya Pendleton, the teenage girl who performed at the Obama’s Second Inauguration and was shortly after killed by gun-fired, she couldn’t help making the story about her own struggles.

“Hadiya Pendleton was me and I was her,” Michelle told the audience, “But I got to grow and go to Princeton and Harvard Law School and have a career and a family and the most blessed life I could ever imagine. And Hadiya, well we know that story. Just a week after she performed at my husband’s inauguration, she went to a park with some friends and got shot in the back.”

In addition to talking about herself, Michelle took the opportunity to push stricter gun control laws in Chicago. The agenda is nothing but hypocritical, given that both she and he children are provided armed guards wherever they go.

What do you think of Michelle’s statement? Is she just making the problem worse?

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  1. Too bad they still let this gorilla out I’m public. I don’t understand Michael having a gun grabbing agenda, I thought only his hushand got elected by the left wing fools not Michael too.

  2. Your claim to fame is being married to a serial liar, you have zero authority in government, please shut up until 1/20/17 and then fade away into obscurity.

  3. Yes, she is. We all want responsible gun owners just as we all want responsible immigrants. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. It breaks my heart that people are killed with whatever weapon. It breaks my heart that some immigrants come here to change our country into their old country. Gun control people always want gun control; but, they don’t want to talk about the people using the guns. Is Michelle going to tell the people protecting her and her family to give up their guns? When they give up theirs, I will give up mine.

  4. Someone needs to tell Michelle Obama that she has NO MORE power on anything done in Washington DC other than keeping an eye on her kids and husband than I do. She is the FIRST LADY, this wife of the PRESIDENT, no powers are passed to the FIRST LADY. Even Bill Clinton learned that even HE as Presidnt did not have the power to pass anything to Hillary other than a veneral disease. They are sort of like the KING of England, you hear, EVER hear of him doing ANYTHING at all…NO, same with the First Lady or the First Man, and THAT is what will help to prevent Hillary from becoming President, well that and all the crimes she has committed in her lifetime!

  5. Just another way of trying to get attention. She is like the GREAT ONE her husband
    A dam fool .

  6. I think she is a hypocrite she and her children need a guns but the rest of us don’t. Tell her to leave her guns by that I mean” armed security” if it makes her feel safe then why can’t I .

  7. You are the problem posting such ridiculous comments from Michelle Obama. You are just fueling a fire… People like whoever wrote this idiotic article start fights, not healthy debates. When will you get it? Ignorance on your part breeds its way to the public and now they think like you. Stop it, please. Rely on whatever you learned in “higher learning” and spread THAT debate. Please. Thank you.

  8. I am so tired of all of her ‘MEMEME’ and FEEL SORRY FOR ME SPEECHES. She is an egotistical race baiter and I can’t wait till we are rid of her and her pathetic family. She has ruined so many organizations and educational institutions with her pig slop menus. These supposedly Healthy meals are tossed in the trash and never tasted. Now she is going after our firearms. I said this many, many times before, that taking away our weapons will NOT stop the criminals from getting weapons. They DON’T buy their guns like law abiding citizens do. They stealthem or get them out of the trunk of someone’s car. Must be wonderful to live in a fairy land.

  9. What would she do with them, she wouldnt even know how to use them as she has everything done for her and a lot of it is by demand and bullyimg. These are all traits of a good person, I dont think so.
    If she had a conscience she should be ashamed of herself and ask for God’s forgiveness.

  10. Honestly,this pair has done so much to destroy america, I have nothing good to say about the pair other then good riddance!

  11. Why do you journalists have to use loaded words that tell us how you want us to respond? Well, sorry but you won’t get me to say that Mrs.Obama said anything wrong. She was & always will be right to speak out for better gun control. And, you know it! Stop trying to put alteriermotive on everything the Obama’s do. Shame on you. Journalists should seek the truth. They should report the news, not write it.

  12. No one voted for her ass for anything. Shut up bimbo. You don’t have need of a gun. Ya got security guards . Can you relate to that to?

  13. She better get started. There are allot of them. And she better bring someone with a gun because it won’t be easy taking mine.

  14. Does Michelle know that she wasn’t elected and has no power to do anything but take expensive vacations?

  15. I can’t stand her. She is so hateful, racist. Unhappy person. She needs to leave our white house

  16. When people say Obama isn’t very smart, I think they are wrong. He is truly evil not dumb. But Michelle on the other hand is dumb & hateful. Talking about stricter gun laws in the one city with the toughest gun laws & highest crime rate is about as brilliant as AlGore giving a global warming speech on the coldest day on record.

  17. She does not have the power to take anything from anyone.I hope someone remembers to fumigate the WH after they leave.

  18. good luck with that bitch no way any of you will ever get all our guns wont happen we have to protect ourselves from the corrupt government we have and the muslums killary and your sorry ass husband are trying to bring here to take us over with your husbands and killarys friends the jihadest not going to happen we are not pussie swe are buyong as many as we can because of you and your dick head hus band the racist of the w/h and killary the muslum loving idiot !!!!!!!!!can’t trust our government to protect us we will do it our selves how do you think your going to find all the ones not registered and tell your sorry dick head and killary to sstop supplying our enemy with money and weapons first you do that BIG MOUTH BITCH!!!!!!!!

  19. You are a fucking idiot. Those Muslim coons should be taken out and shot along with there dam nigglets that have cost the American tax payer to send little darlings to private school for the last eight years. All the time that sonofabitch riping off the tax payer again to fund the raghead & goat screwed association
    Of Muslim shitheads

  20. Before we give up our guns , take away all armed guards for all political people for at least one year and see if they still feel that nobody needs a gun!

  21. If Mrs Obama thinks that taking all the guns away from law abiding citizens will fix the murder problem then she has the correct answer for why we still have a giant drug problem! Because I am 65 and I have never seen a store that has a sign ” BUY YOUR ILLIGAL DRUGS HERE AT A DISCOUNT” ! You see drugs have been a major problem in the USA but they have not even slowed it down with all their laws! So if they do away with the Second Amendment and we honest people have no defense then crime will increase at least twice and maybe a lot more since the criminal knows that there is nothing we can do to stop them!


  23. LMAO! If she only knew many is out there. You do that, your causing a war that cannot be finished for our FREEDOM to protect ourselves!

  24. No infringement Maybe start getting guns from the criminals in Chicago first and leave the good citizens alone?

  25. Ummm – that might be because England doesn’t have a king……
    We do have a Queen though who is much admired by the people (jihadi immigrants not included) and to who, unlike your Whitehouse drag queen, the Armed Forces swear the Oath of Allegiance. Oh – and she’s a pretty good shot with a shotgun too.

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