North Carolina Just Forced All Welfare Recipients To Get Drug Tested – Here Are The Results:

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The number of people on welfare is staggering to say the least, with more people applying every single day. However, at the beginning of this year in North Carolina, thousands of welfare applicants were screened for drug use. The results are unbelievable!

During the drug screening, 89 people were selected and 21 tested positive for drugs. This resulted in the individuals being barred from the welfare program and made to pay the $55 testing fee. This isn’t even counting the 70 applicants who didn’t even bother showing up (maybe even because of drug use) and did not get benefits.

Because of this, all those in North Carolina seeking to get on welfare and use the Work First program have to be tested for drug use. This requirement has, unfortunately, yet to be issued across other U.S. welfare programs.

The Work First program is one that helps low-income families and focuses more on children and their necessary care. Adults who apply must meet the work participation requirements of the program.

Although some claim testing is a waste of money (let’s just say it: liberals), many disagree. This testing, as it should, takes drug users out of the running for welfare. Welfare should be used as a last resort and not as a way to support a drug habit. Taxpayers should not have to support the addictions of those trying their hardest not to work.

When money is tight, you sacrifice some luxuries that you want but don’t necessarily need, such as television. The same thought process should be given to people who take drugs because despite what those people may believe, drugs are not a necessity.

If someone really can’t make it on their own and wants to be on welfare, fine. Just get clean first—it’s that simple. Maybe the reason someone in that situation can’t get by anyway is because he or she is spending everything on drugs instead of things like…well, food.

Other states should follow North Carolina’s example and go even further to implement contingencies for people on welfare, such as proof of having applied for jobs, making an effort to join the workforce again, and not abusing welfare.

Too many people in this country make it their priority to sit on the backs of hard working Americans and demand what is “owed” to them. Well, if you’re not earning the money yourself, it’s not owed to you. And it’s possible that we would have a great reduction of welfare recipients without illegals in this country taking all available jobs and not paying taxes.


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  1. Check for how many tattoos they have? Really Mary? Was that a brain-fart or do you always say crap like that out loud? Please explain how your tattoo rations work. So if a man lost his job and had, say 4 tattoos, could he get temporary benefits? What if he had 7 tattoos? Would you have to say no at 7? Would that just be too many tatoos to justify someone being in need? Or do you think 10 tattoos might be a more reasonable limit. I mean surely no one with 10 tattoos could ever fall on hard times right? They’d have to be a mooch.

  2. What’s tattoos have to do with anything. Stop being so judgemental. I can understand drug test and whatnot but you are being ridiculous. Tattoos don’t have a Dam thing to do with anything. I bet you’re 300 pounds and hate anyone who doesn’t think like you.

  3. What the hell does tattoos have to do with it …I don’t have one tattoo on my body cause I don’t like them…but some people get tattoos before they even on welfare what your saying you can’t have welfare if you get a tattoo that’s just crazy ..I agree with the drug testing and agree to people getting welfare if they need it but not to live on it forever..and no I’m not on food stamps. .

  4. While I agree with the drug testing, there is a flaw in your story. You say 89 were selected for testing and 21 failed to pass the drug testing, then you go on to say that’s not counting the 70 who didn’t even bother to show up for the testing. 70 and 21 don’t make 89, according to my math its 91. If we are to believe your numbers, no one qualified for benefits.

  5. Um…why? Tattoos are permanent. Financial stability is not. Those tattoos could have been gotten when they were more stable, before they needed the benefits. Also, choke on a dick you judgemental bitch. Tattoos do not mean you’re a bad person.

  6. How in the world is that relevant? The amount of tattoos one has doesn’t reflect their income at all. There’s no way to prove that they didn’t get ink while they were employed and doing well enough to afford that luxury. If you’re applying for state assistance and have a fresh sleeve or back piece done then you may need to rethink your priorities but that statement is ridiculous in my opinion

  7. The parents are using drugs but what about the kids? Do you take the kids away and send them to a foster home? That will cost more than paying welfare. The kids will be hurt by this policy.

  8. The results based on the percentage from the amount of people that you tested is a little over 25% and is well worth testing them even at the price of 55 dollars per person. That is a hell of a lot of money that could be recovered which is being wasted on people that have enough money for drugs which means they obviously don’t need any welfare.

  9. I agree with MaryAnn about the tattoos. If an individual comes in for welfare and has ink, that ink should be monitored like they do in prison, by taking images and making notations of the current tattoos. The recipient should then be made to sign an acknowledgement/agreement indicating that any new tattoos while accepting welfare would automatically disqualify the recipient for benefits. Why? If you have the money for ink, then you have the money for rent and food and do not need welfare.

    I also think tobacco should be banned and if you fail a nicotine test, you should automatically be disqualified for further benefits.

    Tobacco, ink, etc are not necessities and if you can afford these vices then you do not need welfare or other types of Gov’t assistance.

  10. first of all you do not need to use profanity to express your thoughts on any subject ! second calling names wont solve anything except show that you dont use your brain just the mouth .

  11. Every one of these tattoos cost money, sometimes a LOT of money. The question her is, Is this tattoo paid for with welfare money, money that was intended for food. Perfectly legitimate question under the circumstances, don’t you think?

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