Obama Made A Change To The White House Logo. You’ll Be Sick When You Find Out What It Is


Research shows that the White House logo was first officially used during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. It’s first use online was in 2007, during George W. Bush’s administration. It’s undergone a few modifications since its inception and anyone who visits the official White House site, www.whitehouse.gov, has seen those modifications over the years.

A lot of blogs and political websites have almost simultaneously taken notice of the logo. The latest observation is that the flag flown on the top of the White House in the logo is white. It no longer boasts the red, white and blue stars and stripes. The flag, like every other part of the White House in the logo, is a non-textured white. Some conspiracy theorists were quick to jump on this as a message of surrender by President Barrack Obama because a plain white flag is the internationally recognized symbol of surrender. What do you think? Read the article at Conservative Post and decide for yourself.

Conservative Post reports:

Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has shown that he has no respect for America. He did this once again recently when he had the White House logo redesigned in a truly sickening way.

According to The Political Insider, Obama switched out the American flag on the White House’s original logo with a blank white flag. This is especially chilling, since the white flag is universally known as the sign of surrender.

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0 thoughts on “Obama Made A Change To The White House Logo. You’ll Be Sick When You Find Out What It Is

  1. I’m pretty sure this entire article is a lie. Since it was a white flag atop the whitehouse way back in Feb 2007. You know, back when Bush was still in office.

  2. No way will be American people surrender to anybody without a fight we will protect the United States of America and protect the American people in it and that’s all Americans will fight

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