Disgusting Reprobate Leftists Protest Mike Pence in St. Louis: “Suck My Girl D*ck”


Feminists; They give women a really bad name.

Ever since the ‘Women’s March on Washington’, when I hear the word, bloody tampons haunt my thoughts; I’m instantly reminded that nothing they do would ever surprise me again.

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And then I saw this.

Vice President Mike Pence met with Missouri Governor Eric Greitens at the Fabick Cat Headquarters in Fenton, Missouri St. Louis yesterday.

There were people waiting to greet him with photos and handshakes, but he was also met he was met with a bizarre group of 25 trans protesters who had a unique message:

“Suck my girl d*ck”

Others were captured on film chanting,

“F*ck the system, f*ck the state, America was never great.”

From GP:

Another leftist showed her ignorance during the rally:

Is this a way to get your point across?

If you say so!

0 thoughts on “Disgusting Reprobate Leftists Protest Mike Pence in St. Louis: “Suck My Girl D*ck”

  1. If America was “never great” then why don’t they go somewhere else? I’m sure Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Iraq would be sooooo tolerant of them…

  2. These people should be arrested and be punished.. They are NOT a part of a solution, They are the reason we have this problem…. They can’t even tell you what they are protesting.. They need to be put on a plane and dropped over Iran so they can live in a great country like it is .. NOT NOT NOT..

  3. Question is asked all the time if America is so bad why are you here? question always is met with total silence!! Just like asking all those celebrities that said they were going to leave if Trump wins why they are still here.

  4. me too Mary. these pieces of crap ARE the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If THEY want to pay for all these illegals let them but Iam NOT!

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