Soldier SACRIFICED 13 YEARS Of His Life For His Country. When The Camera Pans Out… WHAT AN AWESOME STORY!

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Usually when something unexpected happens to me, it’s something bad. Maybe it’s because I have bad luck — I’m not too particularly sure.

For this particular army veteran, the unexpected wasn’t something bad. No — in fact, this unexpected surprise was probably one of the best surprises of his life.

Meet Jerry Holcomb. He’s a former Sergeant First Class that spent 13 years serving his country in the army. Throughout his time in the army, Jerry received two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars for his courageous and selfless acts in the battlefield. Jerry was adecorated American soldier.

Back home, however, Jerry has had significant trouble readjusting to civilian life. It’s a problem that plagues an alarming percentage of army veterans, and Jerry was no exception. His community, however, wouldn’t let Jerry become another statistic of how readjusting to civilian life led to an army veteran’s demise. No, his community came together and did something Jerry would’ve never imagined — I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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