Trey Gowdy Just Unleashed His Secret Weapon That’ll Ruin Mueller & The Democrats

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Special Counsel investigations were just torn apart by Trey Gowdy for displaying the same illegal liberal tendencies that have become an expectation when dealing with left leaning Americans.

This past weekend was spent in suspense after CNN announced that Robert Mueller, lead of the special counsel investigation tasked with uncovering whatever Russia has to do with anything as that’s all liberals care to talk about, would officially be arresting his first victims in the case.

Trey Gowdy followed this announcement with one of his own. It’s illegal for a sealed verdict to have been reported by CNN to begin with and therefore this situation further adds to the skepticism surrounding the legality of this investigation all together. The reported information was accurate and therefore undeniably leaked in what should’ve been a confidential investigation according to federal law.

Via The Lutchman Report:

Gowdy slammed Mueller’s investigative team for breaking their oath of secrecy. CNN reported that the investigation had yielded its first indictment. The indictment was sealed under a judge’s order, so for CNN to know about it, it would mean someone had to break the law.

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