Black Female Trump Executive Drops MASSIVE Truth Bomb On The Public: ‘I Can No Longer Remain Silent’

A close friend and employee of President Trumps has come to the defense of her boss against unfounded allegations of racism and sexism.

Lynne Patton is both black and a woman who is employed by the Trump family so her knowledge on this subject can’t be argued, and her recent confession posted to YouTube illustrates exactly what kind of man President Trump is.

Via Viral Patriots:

One black woman who knows Trump and his family well has had enough. And she’s come out to voice her own truth about the man who has been the target of so much vitriol this election cycle.

Lynne Patton is the director of the Eric Trump Foundation and assistant to Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. She says her YouTube video, in which she shares a letter she wrote about her own experiences with the Trump family, was done on her own, purposely without the involvement of Trump or his family.

Via Western Journalism:

“I can no longer remain silent about the repeated and reprehensible attempts to align my boss and his family with racist hate-mongering groups, campaigns and messaging,” wrote Patton.

“To the skeptics who will undoubtedly claim that I am doing this at the behest of the Trump family or with the promise of reward, I deliberately chose not to seek their approval nor council in advance to this video for fear that there would be more concern for me and its potential viral ramifications than they would be for themselves and the fact that quite simply this is the right thing to do,” said Patton, who posted the video on YouTube and has been flooded with comments on Twitter.

“The Trump family that I know is, without question, one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and the honor to call friends,” she said. “They have been incredibly loyal to me and to the countless dedicated people they employ around the world – hiring more minority and female executives than any other company for which I’ve ever worked.”

“To equate racism with my boss’ call for a temporary moratorium on a flawed immigration system that radical Islamic terrorists continue to exploit, or the construction of an impassible wall to protect our borders from the influx of illegal drugs, is not only incendiary, it’s wholly irresponsible and only serves to embolden the very hatred these draconian groups espouse,” she wrote, later criticizing “paid protesters” who target Trump.

Boom! Not EVERYTHING is political! President Trump, and anyone for that matter, can be both accepting and rejecting without it being because they simply hate the recipient or have racist feelings of superiority. President Trump is putting AMERICANS first, and as the most diverse country in the world wouldn’t that equate to him actually being the opposite of racist?

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  1. What a kind, honorable honest account of her experience with the Trump family. Thank you for clarifying many issues that have been out there against the President as well as the family! God Bless you for speaking up.

  2. Thanks for speaking out. You are a brave and courageous Lady for speaking out. I hope everyone is listening to you instead of the fake news and the left who have always been against our President and are hoping for his failure.

  3. Lynne Patton we thank you for your honesty voicing of what you have seen and what you have heard. You will not be liked by a lot of people for saying what you have said. But a lot of people can not stand hearing the truth. But there is a man of God that is the President of these United State that is trying to do what the people put him in that office to do and with all the oppsicals he has to deal with he is doing a great job. You are very lucky to have a great Boss and see what he has to go through every day and that he is no phony. Thank you again. I was not expecting you to say what you said and I could not have said it better my self. So be careful and watch your back. There is a lot of nonbelievers out there tgat will drag any one through the mud.

  4. Trump is great person I never doubted him for a minute. The abuse he hAs taken is the truth this man has balls of steal. If my wife was called every name in the book those scumbags would be hanging by there. Balls the girls on the view would be no more. Bad enough you abuse him. That’s bad enough. But you pick on his son 11 years old. That would make me a vigilante. God bless our president. Love u buddy.

  5. I have been with Trump since day one, my father who was a great busdiness man said once we needed a business man in office to save our country, all else that he represents in icing on the cake and the will of God for his people

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