Trump Jobs Boom: IBM to Hire 2,000 Vets After Meeting with Trump

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As, the Trump job boom continues, more and more companies have announced they will joining in on the effort to help to create jobs for AMERICANS!

So far the list includes 45,000 jobs announced by Exxon Mobil, 10,000 new jobs at Kroger, 10,000 jobs at Walmart, another 10,000 jobs to be offered by U.S. Steel, and 50,000 by SoftBank Telecommunications, among many others.

And now, computer giant IBM is joining in on the growing list.

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IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, who serves on Trump’s business advisory board,  announced that it is set to hire 2,000 Military veterans. They will is to announce the new plans on Friday.

According to Axios, the company “intends to open 20 new P-TECH schools in the U.S. and will retrain and certify the veterans over a four-year period.”

Many of the veterans will be trained in the use of IBM’s software programs used by law enforcement, cybersecurity, and national security agencies.

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