VIDEO: IDIOT Says Whites OWE Him Reparations. What He Said NEXT Has People EVEN MORE PI$$ED OFF!!


This is the most unbelievable thing you will see all day. If you’re white, and you don’t fall for the race baiting lies, then you are going to be ticked after watching this.

Watch as this black dude goes around to each white person asking them why they owe him reparations.


0 thoughts on “VIDEO: IDIOT Says Whites OWE Him Reparations. What He Said NEXT Has People EVEN MORE PI$$ED OFF!!

  1. LMMFAO, if “ALL” of the BLACKS/AFRICANS/AFRICAN AMERICAN/BLACK AMERICAN/NEGROS or COLORED PEOPLE here in the STATES gets as much as one dollar for this RAPARATIONS that you say is OWED to you. PLEASE let me know, cause I now that some of my Kin Folks way, way, way, way, way, back in 100 BC up to, I don’t know 1700s were slaves. I’m going to Europe to claim my RAPARATION. I am owed a lot for that pain and suffering that they were put through. I’M gonna have me a FAT ROLL, lol that’s a good one


  3. What your name is ??? who paid for his education ? Whites don’t owe anybody anything, and you don’t want to come get it.

  4. Come to my house, I have some silver for you. I got six of them from the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

  5. Yeah I owe you nothing my people are Irish and we were treated far worse than your people. The only difference is we had the guts and strength to pull our selve out of the muck of self pitty so you have no ground for your claims. We never took hand outs, my people were slaves of the brittish for over a thousand years. So stop you sniveling and wining and get off your ass and make something of your self.

  6. Wow…little gay buckwheat and your dopey wigger friends….my reparations get paid every 2 weeks when the gov’t that supports your worthless lazy asses, takes part of my check. finish school and get jobs losers.

  7. This butthurt fu*k has been getting reperations his whole life, his momma,his Grandma, and his great Grandma, in the form of the fu*king welfare the White man has been footing the bill for for yrs now, so kiss my white ass bitch.

  8. you people are completely stupid I owe no one and no one else owes any body for things in the past, if any people deserve to receive compensation from the past it is the native people who this entire country belonged too, even the black people own them, If people would stop expecting hand out and do as every ones else –get a job or 2 and accept the fact that as an adult you and you alone are responsible for your needs, let the past go and be our history not the present and move on, and for any one of you who think you owe others for being alive, how stupid you are and if you could only see how pathetic you are, what happened to people that had a strong personality or would stand up for things good and respectful this world has become so twisted and people are so weak it hurts me to see it because I can remember when being American stood for good and strong morals and standards it was something to be proud of now it is being turned into a joke and the country other countries laugh at and say we are weak and stupid after seeing this video I am afraid they are right

  9. Point of grammar, I always get this mixed up; now is it “Who is you”?, or “Who you be”? Is one the formal and one the informal? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to ask Hillary, because she be so down with the movement.

  10. OK…I want to see proof facts that these folks have paid anybody their hard earned cash to satisfy this situation. Proof, show me the proof???

  11. Ok so these dumbasses don’t realize that slavery started with the blacks selling their own people into slavery. Btw dumb asses the first black slave was owned by a black master. So take your reparations and shove them up your ass. Sounds to me like you all owe yourselves.

  12. To all black thugs that seek the subjugation of whites, “Come on over , Ive got everything I owe you wrapped up neatly and packed in the barrel of a .357 !

  13. Stupidity the worst in have ever heard .
    So does Germany owe money to all the Jews for killing 6000000 Jews

  14. I wonder if the “Nut House” knows that some of its inmates are missing..They’re coming to take them away…

  15. if you yourself were a slave, then maybe i would say sure, any living person that was a slave should be paid reparations, decendants are not owed nothing. you have the chance to do what is being done to better yourselves, it is your choice to behave like idiots and do nothing to earn your living and make something of yourself.

  16. I don’t owe nothing . U ain’t pick cotton and I ain’t order nobody to do so . I don’t owe nobody nothing period .

  17. Does this idiot not research his history? In my history books, slavery was STARTED in Africa by BLACKS!!!!!!! Yes I said it, black slave owners sold their slaves to white people.

  18. The minute they start paying this moron or others like him reparations, I’m gonna start demanding mine from him. My ancestors fought for the Union army,that’s the north for slow people out there and helped free the slaves. But here is my other question. Isn’t your welfare payments enough reparations for you??

  19. Let me make sure I understand your point of view:You want me to give you money for something I didn’t do for something that never happened to you.You are a f***** idiot.

  20. I’m with you Mike Stone!!!! Little snot-nose, lazy, big-mouth nigger! Sick of their cry-baby crap!!! They are biting off more than they can chew!!! Us whites have more intelligence, more power, more common sense!! Bring it on. We are packing and ready!!

  21. Yall need your asses beat, bunch of gay ass teens all confused n shit, dudes sounding like girls ,girls sounding like guys ,blacks sounding white ,whites sounding black, you people are exactly what’s wrong with am America, yea I said it “you people” every you yall I’m the video

  22. Yeah, hold your breath for that one (no really, please try). I think it is hilarious and pathetic at the same time that all the wiggers he has around him are so brainwashed and just plain ole ignorant. This Chris Tucker wanna be, pole-smoking idiot actually must be amused by his little white posse.

    Everything I owe you can be found in between the lint in my pocket and the cheese under my balls.

  23. Wow nothing like a black gay punk with worms growing out of his head telling me i owe reparatiaons….lol….now thats funny….this guy needs to get back to grade school and learn how to speak

  24. get a life fag!what happened in the past is the past! come get what you want and get what you have coming to you! I know plenty of Africa Americans that do not act like you people! they think you and BLM suck!

  25. You want anything….. Come and get it, i have it ready for you. Come and take it…. MOLON LABE!!!! PRINCE COME AND TAKE IT!!!!

  26. i don’t owe none of these stupid bootlips shit…im not getting anything for the irish slavery that happened long before the black slavery started but you don’t see me crying like a little bitch for something that happened 250 years ago…if you stupid black mother fuckers think you have it so bad here in america then take your dumbass back to africa since you think that your african when actually your dumbass was born here in america not africa…

  27. my comment is awaiting moderation…oh you mean that some one is going to read my comment and decide if it is ok to post because of the so many soft people out there that don’t have a back bone…


  29. So…let me understand this;
    Using your own logic…as limited and constrained as it is….if white people owe black people…reparations…as you so term them…..then do fellow Africans also owe other blacks similar reparations…for your own African peoples held you in slavery before us whites every stepped foot on your continent? And if your answer is yes….then what of the British people or the Arabs or or the Dutch, or French or Germans or….100s of other nations –all–over the world in the past few hundred years? Do the Egyptians also owe the Israelis reparations for holding them in slaver for about 400 years…MUCH longer then you were ever held in bondage?
    A better suggestion for you…is to…pick up a few history books and actually READ them–that is….if you know how to read….and if you do….READ THEM and then think about your position again.
    If you are still hell-bent on coming to get your…”reparations”….come on then, come get them, but you will have to ask for them first from my 12 Gage Shot gun…and Im thinking…..ummmm, the answer is going to be a big fat…..NOT!!

  30. It would be worth it to pay to ship all you back to Africa or anywhere else. Find some country that will take your worthless whining a$$ and I’ll buy the ticket.

  31. Just in case this mental bastard should read this, you want something from me, come get it.. I will be waiting, I am sure you don’t mind if I bring a friend I call him Saint Mossberg

  32. really ? you nigger and wigger thugs??? white reperations??? you black assholes think you had it bad ? what about the native Americans who were slaughtered for the land that you are raping and robbing now?? you get welfare, you have your ghettos, you get free college, shut the fuck up you lazy piece of shit niggers and nigger lovers…I’m like most Americans, sick of hearing about black equal rights, you have more rights than every other race, but you’re too stupid to realize it, and you’re too stupid to realize that you don’t want equal rights, you want to dominate every other race, good luck with that

  33. thought you guys already did! bloody thieves with no education. go back to Africa and see how long you last. You’ll be picked up by traffickers and army recruiters(forcefully) you’ll be converted to Muslim or be shot if you show half that attitude you’ll be thrown off a building as gay.

  34. Hes as stupid , along with those other cum stains as apile of dog shit. The Strong overpower the weak!! Always has always will. Just dumb nigger jive. I min of ignorent fame lol

  35. I hope that is a stupid joke..? Surely no one could believe that!! The slaves were not collected or sold by any white people when the whole notion of slavery was established they unfortunately need to look to there own for that answer. That amounts to nothing but trying to increase hate tensions and speech…

  36. He must live in one of those gun control heavy Blue State enclaves that have been mismanaged by Democrats for decades. In the Red States we just say, “Molon Labe!”

  37. Black started slavery by selling other black…in Holland and Africa…blacks owned slaves….whites were also slaves, it was called being an indentured servant….My ancestors did not own slaves….I do not owe any race of people a damn thing…I do however owe the men and women who serve and have served, for my freedoms…Now If these pukes want to come over to my home, and take money or property from me…they are welcome…I have a 38 snub nose revolver and his btother shotgun itching to meet them!

  38. Come and get it!!! Free reparations! Come one come all! I have them here for you! My friends Mr Smith and Mr Wesson are here they brought Sam Colt with them. Mr Browning came and brought his Russian friend Kalishnikov, Mr Springfield came and brought his whole family! So come on! We can’t start the party without our guest of honor! When are you coming so I can have the welcoming party ready?
    Your friend

  39. “Who is you?” “What your name is?” Stupid little queer needs to learn English and forget about his betters giving him reparations that they don’t owe his dumb ass.

  40. Now wait a COTTON PICKING MINUTE. Lil nig. We owe you nothing. You wasn’t a slave. Your parents were not slaves and us whites didn’t have slaves. So go pick up your welfare check and buy food for all the baby’s mommas of the kids you have scattered around the HOOD. ALL YOULL EVER GET FROM ME IS A LEAD INJECTION TO THE HEAD NIGGAH

  41. The Ignorant fool’s following the ignorant fool’s. There’s no slavery now. There’s no living generation right now that was Slave’s. There was over 200 thousand white Soldiers killed to end slavery, “so get off your high horses,” (YOUR Free) You Stupid Fucks. Go get a job earn a days pay for a day’s work. Stop crying that the world owes you something. Guess What Stupid? We owe you NOTHING… Get it in your thick heads, you get Respect, when you earn respect…. Stop being Ignorant of the fact that you’re in the position your in because (you put yourself there, nobody else did.) (YOU DID )

  42. Why would we owe you? You are too lazy to help yourselves. There are three things that you could do, but you are too lazy to do them.
    1-stay in your “free public school” and get an education. You are offered free college if you graduate high school with good grades.
    2-get and keep a job. Show up everyday and be a hard, honest, dependable worker. Forget living on the Democrats Plantation by drawing the magical welfare and food stamps for life.
    3-don’t start having babies at 12 years old! Once again, stay in school, get a job, get married and then have a family!

  43. Come and get it bitch. I got your reparations right here just waiting for you. Oh and believe me, it’s exactly what you deserve

  44. Tell you what, he can pay me reparations for the part his ancestors played on running my ancestors off their lands and onto reservations.

  45. If anyone get any money it better be the native American Indians. That who got fucked!
    And then he said

  46. Okay, white dude Prince and white dude with glasses who talks black: you both suck black dick it’s obvious. Black dude who says we owe reparations: you found you didn’t work out as a drag queen so this is your new way to annoy people. You’re an asshole. Don’t know what to say about the fat fag hag or the skinny lesbian. Chicks not my thing really. Have a nice day. Get a job maybe cuz your not getting shit from me 😀

  47. Come to my house I’ll repay your black skanky ass.
    Meet my friends Mr Mossberg and Mr Thompson.

  48. That’s a part of history very few seems to know about, Lee. The only slavery taught was the mistake our founders made after creating this nation. Negroes captured Negroes and sold them as slaves… and many black slaves were owned by other Negroes.

    But, of course, that isn’t history worth knowing about.

  49. This is an old video. NegrObama was the so-called president & all the Negroes were acting like fools!
    Thank God we have a decent President in office now. The foolishness will stop or they will be punished like they are totally human & totally grown!

  50. what about the muslim slave traders that profited most off of blacks, and who still practice slavery to this day (under sharia law)??????

  51. O hell he will have to go down to the shit plant to retrieve his due , I just now sent it on its way for him to go collect, if that load was not good enough I have another one for him , it comes out fast and strait , get you some of that as Richard would say

  52. I think we have already paid reparations in the form of welfare. If they come to my house to get it, they will get a shotgun in their face. They’re outnumbered and outgunned. I couldn’t tell if 2 of those people were male or female. What a sick society we live in. Thanks, Obama.

  53. Hey Buckwheat,

    Your black family was purchased from black people by whites. Less than 1.6 percent of whites ever owned slaves. When white people abolished slavery 26 percent of black people owned slaves in America. They enslaved their own mothers, sisters and daughters. Black people are the biggest problem for themselves considering that black on black crime is the leading cause of death for black people. Many of us white people that live in America have family members that were slaves and we never take handouts and don’t accuse anyone of owing us something. We got up off our asses and made things happen instead of crying like little bitches. I have a handout for you, it’s called me handing out an ass whipping. Bitch.

  54. what complete idiots. white trash, nigar trash. These idiots are why there are racial problems.
    Bring it on I’ll pay you. Was that sidewalk monkey male or female? A real black would have had much more class than that.

  55. Somebody is owed something. But it ain’t
    either of you.
    To the black man Enslavement in America start with my people. What horrify treatment was done to my people by Christopher Columbus gang. Was from the book of the Jesuits. After the murders then Enslavement of those that were alive. Gathered up Shackled and shipped to England and sold to their enemy. Then the extermination of my people. The people that has in their hands. A piece of the 10 commandments. Now in the Smithsonian found in Ohio Indian burial grounds.
    The stain of American history IS NOT black slavery. We are confind today.

    For we are the Israelites. The Israelites God sent us to the land where no man dwells.

    Another piece found with Cherokee Nation.

    But we are ignored.

    Good luck
    With that!


  57. The idiots didn’t like it that some of their ancestors were ensalved more than a century as many white people’s ancestors were as well. Forget that freed blacks owned slaves, now they seek to enslave whites for what some of their ancestors might have done to them while forgetting that half this country’s ancestors gave their lives to free their black arshes.

  58. Just another yard ape, swinging from the trees, looking for that free banana. He will end up dead or in prison with his Daddy (if he knows who that is) and his homeboys. Black trash matters little.

  59. what U blacks need to do is give back all that money U lofers have getting from welfare n food stamps. all U do is be lazy n complain that ur not getting enough,,, well put it this was no reparation n U can kiss my white but U loud mouth idiot

  60. I’ll be happy to pay for your room at Rikers… Consider that your reparations…Don’t say whitey didn’t pay off

  61. Let’s just remember the the first black slave was owned by a black man. This video, this idiot is the most stupid, stupid, stupid thing I have ever seen. Never gonna happen fool, never gonna happen fool. Not one darn cent fool., ever.

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