Vigil Held For Those “Hurt” By The Election Decision Held At White House…GET A GRIP

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So at 8pm tonight, you can gather in front of the White House for a period of mourning and snowflake primping.

That’s the word being reported from the Washington Examiner.

More than 4,000 people plan to show up at a vigil outside the White House in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night.

The “candle-less vigil” is not a protest, organizers wrote on the Facebook event page, “but rather a showing of love and solidarity with all communities hurt by the results of the 2016 presidential election.”

Am I the only one that laughed at that?

No one is as disgusted by how this election has shaken out than me. I would have felt just as disgusted if Hillary Clinton had won, however.

If anyone is actually “hurt” to the point that they need a giant safe space to retreat to, then something has gone horribly wrong in their early development.

Along the road of life, you build up certain resiliencies that help you cope, or at least you should.

This election sucked, but life can suck. You have to learn to roll with the punches.

“Many Americans are feeling shocked and saddened by the results of the presidential election. Let’s stand together at the White House and show the world that love can still trump hate and demonstrate that not all of us share the values espoused by our president-elect,” the organizers state.

The 8 p.m. event at Lafayette Park — located just north of the White House — was originally a candlelight vigil, but due to the National Park Service’s refusal to allow thousands to carry the flaming objects so close to the People’s House, glow sticks will be used instead.

How very millennial. Maybe a rave will break out?

I do empathize, but instead of wasting a Saturday night pouting over a system that is so desperately flawed that people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were forced on us as candidates, I’ll instead focus my energies on moving forward.


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  1. “Elections have consequences. It’s the political way for winners to tell losers: Tough luck, you lost. Get over it.” – Barack Obama

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