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VIA| Ever since the devastating shooting in Orlando, Florida last weekend that claimed the lives of 49 people, Barack Hussein Obama has been shamelessly using the tragedy to further his gun-grabbing agenda.

On Thursday, the president travelled to Orlando, claiming that he was there to honor the victims and console both their families and the survivors. However, he quickly made it clear that he was actually there to push for the Second Amendment to be destroyed.

“Those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon,” Obama said, according to USA Today. “The motives of this killer may have been different than the mass killers in Aurora, or Newtown. But the instruments of death were so similar. Now another 49 innocent people are dead. Another 53 are injured. Some are still fighting for their lives. Some will have wounds that will last a lifetime.”

Ignoring that this massacre was committed by a radical Islamic terrorist, Obama instead called on the Senate to reconsider gun safety legislation defeated after the 2012. He then urged the politicians trying to protect the Second Amendment to meet with the families of the victims.

“They don’t care about politics. Neither do I. Neither does Joe,” he said, standing beside Vice President Joe Biden. “I truly hope that senators rise to the moment and do the right thing. We can stop some tragedies. We can save some lives. If we don’t act, we will keep seeing more massacres like this.”

It’s sickening that Obama continues to make this tragedy all about gun control when he should really be focused on destroying ISIS. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Then why the hell you keep on letting people in that you cannot vet them cair backs them all from immigrants that hate this country inspired by the terrorists they have been radicalized unfortunately you using this figure propaganda tool to try to disarm Americans for a most common rifle that has been used almost a hundred years semi automatic because of the few criminals and terrorists you want to make more victims by trying to violate their rights you’re a disgrace

  2. There won’t be any change until government realizes and resolves the things that have so many people pissed off. No one denies that the biggest oppressor in the world is the US Government. I’ve had liberalism, progressivism, LBGT and so much else I find offensive I can’t imagine ever supporting the government.

  3. It’s going to take more to stop this. If you don’t own a gun go buy one. Get a handgun permit, carry your gun everywhere.

  4. It is pathetic that the president continues to blame guns on killing when its so obvious that guns only kill in the hands of terrorists.

  5. Sure….and allowing people to carry handguns to DEFEND themselves will LESSEN the carnage, too. You say that YOU solution will not stop attacks and will save “some” lives…..but you expect allowing people to carry weapons to counter these attacks to stop ALL the attacks and save EVERYONE, which you know is not possible, but is your excuse for not allowing us to exercise our Right!

  6. You and the state department gave guns to the rebels in Bengazi to give them to rebels fighting in Syria, you are letting Syrian refugees in by the thousands and you want to take our gu.ns away from us so we can not protect ourselves. You are total idiot. But we are bigger idiots than you for allowing a congress to be so weak, that they will not do anything to stop you. God save us!

  7. Why not admit RADICALIZED ISLAMIC TERRORIST did this. Why does he continue to allow more of them in. Why does’nt the immigration board they have to come through turn them back?

  8. maybe he should take a trip to chicago and preach about gun control oh wait strictest gun laws is the country there already not doing them no good

  9. Worst President in US history. The Ahab of America. Spineless, toothless and not a leader at all. I cant wait to watch him on his reckoning during his day of Judgment.

  10. show me where that particular assault weapon was obtained legally in the first place. Then maybe I will listen Doubtful as it is my Right to owns guns Period.

  11. It makes me sick that this speech centers on gun control. Obama was there for his own agenda spreading the words….”guns need to go….it’s not the guns….it’s the crazy people who get their hands on them….

  12. If terrorists can’t get guns then they’ll just use bombs. Hey wait, they already do that!

  13. I am not sickened by what Obama said but I am sickened by your report. It is already a given that terrorism should be dealt with, but allowing the indiscriminate use of guns is something you Americans should be ashamed of. Get it under control you people before another massacre, more likely by a crazed citizen than by a terrorist.

  14. Your second amendment suxs here in Australia we have strict gun laws and there is next to no massacres in Australia.
    May I rest my case

  15. He is absolutely correct and justified. Gun control is the larger, overriding issue. Radical Islam is but one of the agents of terror. Radical Christianity is another.

  16. Because they are already US citizens, born & bred, not all immigrants are terrorists, of course they aren’t, most are decent, law abiding people, the ones u have to worry about are those who already live here.

  17. Are you kidding me? Hundreds of people are killed by guns in the hands of thugs and gangs, no one is saying people shouldn’t have guns for protection, although here in the UK we don’t need them, it’s a matter of more rigid control, why can’t people see that, makes so much more sense.

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