You Will Be TERRIFIED Of The Muslim Migrant Invasion After Learning What They Did To Five TEENS At A Train Station

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Police have released a CCTV still of a man wanted in connection with an acid attack on five teenagers as they waited for a train.

He is alleged to have been part of a group that squirted corrosive liquid over the boys before jumping on a train and making his getaway.

The man is described as black, with dark hair and wearing a jet black North Face gilet.

The terrifying incident took place shortly after 12.40am on Sunday, when the man dismounted a train travelling towards Barking at Ockendon station, Essex.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Gail McKemmie said: ‘This was a particularly vicious and alarming assault which has left some of the victims with potentially life changing injuries.

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Pamela Geller commenting on the issue wrote:

You won’t see this reported in the mainstream media nor will Western politicians remark on this savagery. Instead this news story and others like it will be censored and scrubbed from news reporting. Mention of it, or criticism of Muslim immigration and its ill effects on free societies will be deleted from Facebook and other social media, the user banned. Instead, we are sternly admonished for not opening our homes, our arms (and legs) to the invaders. This is sharia and we are being forced to live under it’s brutal and bigoted dictates.

H/T: Daily Mail

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