4 Black Players Just Gave The NFL a Sick Ultimatum Of What They Want To Force White Fans To Do For A Month

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NFL protesting is leading to racial conflict between players on the field and racism has never been more prevalent.

Collin Kaepernick originally proclaimed his decision to kneel during the national anthem was to bring support and awareness to the ‘severe’ inequality felt by minority’s as well as enlightening the public on his beliefs surrounding police brutality against the African American community. While that may have been true last year, the results are far from ‘peaceful’ protesting at this point thanks to his decision to fuel the racial fire that is now consuming the NFL.

Black offensive players are refusing to protect their white quarterbacks, those who decide to stand in respect rather than submit to peer pressure and kneel, from being sacked and the tragic outcome thus far has been the catastrophic hit Derek Carr took as a result that has left him with a fractured back.

Now Michael Bennett has decided to further the protesting by presenting a raised fist, which is the symbol for black power, anytime he sacks a white player. Yeah that’s not racist at all.

Now to add further insult to injury, Bennett and a few fellow players have lobbied the NFL to announce all fans and players be forced to honor these protests during the month of November which would henceforth be recognized as “activism awareness month.” WTF?


It was during the second quarter of the Seahawks game against the 49ers this past weekend that Bennett tackled white quarterback Brian Hoyer and threw his black power fist in the air. All Black Media confirmed Bennett’s actions were indeed a pro-Black Power gesture.

The sad thing is that Bennett isn’t just stopping at using Black Power gestures. He is now demanding the every single fan and the NFL back up his anti-American and anti-police views. He has presented an idiotic ultimatum this week.

Bennett was joined with several other protesting players in their demand that the entire month of November to be recognized officially by the NFL as a month to protest police officers and “oppression” that blacks face living in our country.

Freedom Daily reported:

A memo sent to the NFL demanding that they turn November into an “activism awareness month” to protest police in America is being led by Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles’ Torrey Smith and former NFL player Anquan Boldin. All these players have been very vocal with their protests all year, with Bennett swearing during preseason to continue Colin Kaepernick’s protesting “legacy.”

Watch Here:


Completely unacceptable!

0 thoughts on “4 Black Players Just Gave The NFL a Sick Ultimatum Of What They Want To Force White Fans To Do For A Month

  1. When 70% of the people who get arrested are black, in cities where 70% of the population is black, that is not racial profiling; it is the Law of Probability.

  2. All I can say to Bennett and all these other black athletes is “DREAM ON”. You make millions and you want to protest because the police are doing their job, black or white. You’re a friggin idiot as well as all your protestors.

  3. If they don’t like it here in America then go someplace else. We don’t need your kind of harassment.

  4. If this is what these players think is the right thing to do, by hurting other NFL players, let them sit on the bench. If they don’t want to stand for the pledge or national anthem then they don’t play. We will not buckle to these scumbags against the men and women of our military or police force. Just because there are more black criminals then white doesn’t mean the police should ignore it because the blacks think it’s unfair. What about the black people that are innocent by standers who have been shot by other black people. This is terrible. You can do what ever you want with your life, but you have to want it bad enough to work for it. You people aren’t any different then white people with low incomes, you have to work for what you get out of life not expecting it to be given to you.

  5. Anyone have Bennett’s jersey? Neighbor is cutting his up and mailing it to Paul Allen. Neighbor is also a black person, says all this is just an embarrassment and frankly will be the demise of the big salarys these arrogant attitudes these fellows have.

  6. I’m loosing more interest everyday with the so call athletes They protest all they want I will not bend to them and there bullshit they can all fuck them self‼️‼️ God bless the USA

  7. I don’t watch them but my family that used to watch them, stopped so I just want to know…What white fans?

  8. Remember the old phrase…there is no me in team? When you don’t protect your team member, you should be out
    of a job…God said to LOVE your enemies as well as your friends 🙂 your teammates are suppose to be your friends – but even if they aren’t your “buddies” DO YOUR JOB – protect your teammates…November is the month of Thanksgiving – be thankful for the job you have and the $$$$$ you have because of that job…you guys are in your 20s and 30s…you need to quit having temper tantrums and actually act like men!!!

  9. Mr. Bennett, why do you and your buddies Go take an “Aeronautical intercourse at a rolling piece of pastry”.

  10. If you want to act like ungrateful babies about your status you guys are all making more than any
    body I know or ever will know, taking up your disrespect on your on team members is just stupid.
    If the think the police are just going to sit back and let black people commit crimes resist arrest or
    threaten them, it’s not going to happen. If you want to help your race go to these areas like Detroit
    Chicago where blacks are killing blacks ten times over what all officers in the country have ever killed
    I have not heard of any of you trying to help with any of these issues, you just want to complain it’s
    all about you and what you want, grow up and start doing more for your people.

  11. I’m tired of all the black nfl players thinking there somebody we give a shit about,if they all left the nfl and left this country it would make so many people happy.then go after all the other black lives matter people and take there welfare away.

  12. Put these black bitches in their place. Fire all of these hoes who disrespect our Flag and who are trying to start a race war. They will lose…

  13. you can take your black power and stick it up your black ass! im all about american power. dont bite the hand that feeds you. idiots

  14. They are being paid to play football, if they can’t play without protesting or causing harm to their teammates, they should be fired. Someone else would be glad to take their place and their arguments to themselves that the NFL can’t find someone as good as them is bogus because if they can’t defend their teammates, they aren’t very good players to begin with. The football field is not where they need to protest. They should lose pay for any damage their actions cause to other players and to the game itself.

  15. Time to have a empty stadium, boycott the NFL so they go broke and turn your TV to something else, stay away on FOOT Ball, time to take this bull shit down,Anyone acting like this should be fired and a huge fined on top of that and anyone hurt by these thugs should be made to pay for their health injuries 100%, NFL is out of control and trying to start a war with whites and police, stop the race crap I do hope your bosses will put their foot in your ass out the doors,when they start losing maga buck do to you all and hire some people that like to have a chance to play to, that not as stupid as the thugs in the NFL now, the only ones that are race baiters are the dark side, there a lot of good people out there of all colors, we don’t need thugs like you to start a bunch of crap and it will backfire on you and you will not be able to stop it happening. It is time to put you all in your place.we all have 1 planet to live on, time to act like humans not a bunch of rabid animals. Try changing the way you all think and change the way you treat people.

  16. Throw these scumbags out of the NFL! Goodall~ what the f**k is wrong with you; are you that much of an idiot that you can’t see the writing on the wall? These players are going to kill the NFL because we fans are sick and tired of their bullshit. You need to step up and do what’s right~ pun and end to this crap before it puts an end to the NFL!

  17. Sorry, fingers were moving way too fast~ in my comment above, I meant to say put and end to this crap! (not pun and end to this crap)

  18. You know I never had a problem with black gays lesbians anything I always got along with everybody it wasn’t until they started to push this crap in my face, into my schools, in business and commerce everywhere and I mean everywhere. Let’s show these nuts so smart sudo Africans or should I say pseudo Americans that we’re not going to put up with their crap that’s not just boycott the NFL let’s just ended let’s drive a nail right through the every let’s make the stadiums ghost towns. And let these poor oppressed spoiled little rich kids go to work at McDonald’s punching pictures for seven bucks an hour!!!

  19. This is the same guy who lied about his run in with the Vegas police department. Your voice has no credibility, just go away!

  20. You have six other days to protest in the public square, courthouse steps, television…maybe I will listen better if you don’t mess up my Sunday afternoons.

  21. OK PEOPLE, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!,,,,, I want to spearhead an END to the NFL… I will do what it takes to get this movement started… IF THERE WERE EVER A TIME FOR BLACKS AND WHITES TO COME TOGETHER, THIS IS THE TIME !!!!!! TO ALL MY BLACK FRIENDS I ASK YOU ARE YOU WILLING TO THROW AWAY ALL DR. KING’s work and his life?…. lets pull together before it is too late… my name is Denise W. And my personal email is [email protected]. i will answer all who are interested. Please… no hate mail… lets do this!!!!

  22. I would think they are opening the league up to major lawsuits now that they’ve announed their plot. The commissioner is culpable too as I see it.
    The players are responsible for their actions but the commissioner & owners are weak & didnt take control from the beginning. Any other work environment would have but you agreed with them that they are a special class. They’re not!
    As much as I have loved watching & supporting some of my favorite college players & looked forward to watching them at the next level, I won’t do it. For me, “the next level” is over. This whole fiasco has ruined it & I don’t tho m it can be fixed. The decline will continue & become like me. I e fescex that ti.e with better things.

  23. It would be very interesting to see how many of these guys have police records. One statistic shows that just over 50% of NFL players have a felony. People that hate cops have either broken the law or are breaking the law.

  24. Give back all that money you all have made off of us because we are ALL DONE WITH YOU DUMB NIGGERS !!!!!!!


  26. I really can’t understand what the HELL is going on in one of AMERICA’S favorite game : FOOTBALL. Are the people who own the teams really going to stand by these ungrateful players who think they can demand anything by their actions so far? Wake up idiots we pay for the tickets and the box seats and the food and their football jersey’s and other fan material. We stop paying and they stop playing simple as that. Their contract says they WILL stand . See how far telling these idiot’s what they will do goes!!! I haven’t watched a game this season and will not support ANY of the teams in any way when they just keep letting these fool’s continue to play. They are just plain thugs with too much money and time on their hands. Fire or fold your little racist tent’s and see where you will be employed with attitudes like these.

  27. I read somewhere —–
    1. Have you ever seen a black youth arrested or shot when he was in school?
    2. Have you ever seen a black youth arrested or shot when he was at work?
    3. Have you ever seen a black youth arrested or shot when he WASN’T in the act of committing a crime?


  28. Oppression? You went to the same public schools I did, no one offered me a free education and millions of dollars to bowl and I’m dam good at bowling. You make more money than I can dream of yet your oppressed? If you are so concerned then donate your millionaire pay check to support others. I refuse to go to a game and pay those high ticket prices just to pad the pockets of players who don’t respect America. The MLB is not doing this you bitcy millionaire


  30. and again we see racism at it finest. and the stupidity is they dont get it. but they will they have killed the NFL and as it dies and thier large pay checks disappear. and they are standing in the unemployment lines. they will realize that they did to them selves. self infliction seems to be contagatious.

  31. Didn’t we have a suspension of a head coach for a year and the firing of a defensive coach for awarding a bounty on those that “took out other players” or targeted them? Why can’t we do the same with the players????

  32. “OMG! RITE!” (It’s RIGHT, learn to spell ignorant) I’ll be laughing my fucking ass of when the nigga can’t pay for his mansion while reciting, “ Hi! Welcome to McDonald’s, May I take your order? LMFAO!!

  33. Bennett you an all players . Ha! Ha! You all are Goldfish….I watch to be amused. But I no longer watch or feed you. Think about what happens when you don’t get your food….. That’s right goldfish you die..And my life is content.

  34. I use to watch Packers and hubby Steelers until they wanted to be disrespectful bitches now I hope they have other career choices. Nfl something of the past.

  35. I love how calling attention to the killing of blacks by police turned into disrespecting the national anthem and the flag. Evil has always tried to force people to bow or acquiesce to its power. If you stand, they will try to make you bow down. If you bow down they want to force you to stand. And to top it all off, their heroes are always the worst and most evil people. I enjoy every moment of angst coming out of sick people’s mouths. Sic, sad and sorry and it never gets any better. This goes back further than ancient Babylon.

  36. When I was working and the boss came to you and said anything about your work or your attitude you listened our you were out of a job they were the boss . No chance that you could poll your attitude because he was the boss HE WAS THE BOSS IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE WHAT HE SAID FIND A NEW JOB

  37. The problem is there are way to many idiots that still go to the game…. Why? My guess is that they think that they are not acting racist by going

  38. BOYCOTT NFL and putting them out of business until they stop this RACIST , BIGOTED ACTIONS is the only way to stop it. MONEY is the only thing they will listen to. If you attend a game or buy any NFL products then you are supporting them.
    BOYCOTT THE ENTIRE NFL or any sport that does this Racist stuff. ENOUGH.

  39. It will hurt for a while. But the best solution is to shut down NFL for the year. Send these cry babies home without pay. For they are ruining football for future players. They are not helping the cause but their own. To blame our flag for their problem is unheard of. Million dollar babies are not helping the ones they need to help. I could go on and on but to no avail. I would like to know the % of white who are protesting our flag. America we can stop this foolishness by not watching and not going to the games. Many sponsors are pulling out. Wake up America and do the right thing.

  40. What a shock. I was lead to believe in fair play and good sportsman ship.Honering 0ur flag and country , Guess I got it Wrong! Or did the players get it wrong?

  41. If there was no football I could see theses guys holding a cut and a sign on the side of the freeway off ramp. In a city near you.

  42. Guess who the first ones these knuckle dragging America hating ghetto apes call if they become a victim of a crime THE COPS i hope when police dispatch tells them when they call hey sorry we cant help.you because you didn’t want to support us and when they end up jobless homeless and hungry the homeless shelters tell them we’re full and the soup kitchen says we don’t serve those who refuse to show support for the military our flag or police

  43. I have no problem with their protesting I am all for it. On the other hand you should not force people to protest with yo. There are blacks that understand the high crime areas in this country also have a high minority population. Why don’t we try to break up the gangs, educate people, help people get out of these enviorments. Kneeling, or holding up your fist is not solving anything. You do not need to bring awareness to a problem everyone knows is there. You need to work on fixing the problem.

  44. I’m getting so sick of all this shit. To the four players pictured on the first page. F-+k you, and you ,and you ,and you!

  45. Lets start with bring equality to the NFL by playing more white players. Or let all players be black and watch the league fold up.

  46. what the hell are the owners thinking of dont they realize we could be talking japanese or german but for a very few of the most dedicated people on earth that gave these black idiots the chance to make an ass of themselves. i could go on and on but the more i think of it the more i cannot stand their attitude. ron c

  47. they don’t protest spouse abuse they don’t support poor black kids with out fathers they as professionals dont condone murder unless its helps raise there cause the problem is poverty 16 unarmed black men where killed buy police this year it is a terrible thing how many black men where killed Chicago buy black men this year the problem is not the cops its lack of respect for the real world and wanting to blame some one else for your short comings

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