62-Year-Old Man VICIOUSLY BEATEN WITH A CROWBAR In A Parking Lot For Wearing A ‘Make America Great Again’ T-Shirt

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Some people get way too worked up about politics. I mean Hilary Clinton may well be a criminal, but that still does not condone violence of any sort.

Related to this, a man in New Jersey man was apparently beaten with a crowbar because he was wearing a Donald Trump shirt, according to local police.

 It seems the 62-year-old male victim of the attack reported that he was walking on a street in city in New Jersey last week when a younger man in an old, gray vehicle began to harass him about his T-shirt, which read “Trump for President: Make America Great Again,” with an image of the controversial Republican presidential nominee.

Of note, authorities say the man in the car followed the victim to a Friendly’s Restaurant and came up to him in the parking lot with a crowbar. He then struck the victim several times, but fled before police arrived on the scene.

The victim wished to remain anonymous, and was treated by paramedics for minor injuries to his forearms, hands and thighs following the attack.

Here is the shirt which drew so much ire.


0 thoughts on “62-Year-Old Man VICIOUSLY BEATEN WITH A CROWBAR In A Parking Lot For Wearing A ‘Make America Great Again’ T-Shirt

  1. and that is why your polls do not show trump ahead but in nov when people go in it will be trump that they vote for privately

  2. Has to be a hillary supporting asshat. A guy spoke out who survived Clintons hit men that beat him up with intent to kill. Bernies advocate who served the DNC papers turned up dead. I voted for Bernie Sanders but I’m voting for TRUMP2016 in November. Go TRUMP

  3. I live in California and I am 62 so get your coward ass down here and let see just how many 62-year-old men with martial arts experience kick the living shit out of you. It’s a shame you feel the need to use a crowbar to even your odds. Try it one on one you pathetic piece of liberal shit.

  4. Coward. There is no better word to describe such a punk. It probably hits girls, picks on toddlers, and cringes anytime a he-man stands next to him. Who is he going to share this accomplishment with? Does he hang around with other cowards that would say “Oh yeah. That was a good one when you pummeled the old man. We only pick on elderly ladies”. Come out you worm. Bring your crowbar… So I can shove it up your a….

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