94-Year-Old Woman Wows The Crowd During Dance Competition!

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When this 94 year old dancer, Mathilda Klein, walked onto the dance floor with a walker, quickly proved that she didn’t need anything to help her get around. And that walker was obviously only a prop.

Mathilda and her younger dance partner Danny Maloney shocked the group with some quick dance moves. Wearing a fringed white dress, the Florida resident glided down the dance floor and even bounced around making it very simple to neglect her age.

While it’s magnificent to watch someone break it down on the dance floor, it’s considerably more unusual when they are old. No matter it’s a senior breaking a move on the street, or making the group roar with some break dancing, it’s interesting to watch them demonstrate that age is only a number.

“This is what keeps me alive,” Klein told the United States Amateur Roller Skating Association in an old meeting.

Maloney had been dancing with Klein in the past few years, and he is astounded by how she moves.

“She’s my every day inspiration,” said Maloney.

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