A Killer Smiled At The Victim’s Family, Then A Judge Wiped The Smile Right Off His Face…


While a grieving mother wept, a guilty murderer man smiled.

Danta Wright, 17, pleaded guilty to armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, felony firearm, and second-degree murder for the killing of Jordan Klee, 18, found dead on a pathway near the Pinelake Village Cooperative. Wright and two other teenagers attempted to rob Jordan when Wright shot and killed him.

Wright entered a guilty plea to fatally shooting Jordan in October – but before he learned his fate, he faced Klee’s family in court.

Photo credit: Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo/Wikimedia Commons, MLive

After being given the chance to speak in court, instead of remorse, Wright taunted the victim’s family.

“I just wanted to tell y’all, I’ll be home soon,” Wright said. “I’ll be alright, I love my family.”

He was also seen smiling and laughing while a victim’s impact statement was read by the family.

The judge was appalled.

“You know, I have never in all my 23 years of prosecuting not accepted a sentence agreement that is bargained for, sentenced by the parties,” Washtenaw County Judge David Swartz said. “But watching you sit there and smile and laugh and shake your head like this is no big deal, I’m very tempted to just say I’m not going to accept this agreement, you’ll go to trial.”

Photo credit: Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo/Wikimedia Commons, MLive

The prosecutor says Wright is a member of a gang who rapped about his lifestyle. Wright’s lawyer had a different story. “Your honor, very briefly, it’s a rap. Raps don’t necessarily reflect reality,” he said.

“This was supposed to be a year of celebration,” said Courtney Klee, Jordan’s cousin who read a statement on behalf of his mother. “Of senior pictures, prom and graduation parties. Instead it was a nightmare. A nightmare no parent should have to endure. Jordan has no future. Jordan can no longer choose to go to college. Jordan can no longer choose to change.”

Wright’s mother says her son is innocent.

“My son has been through issues that they never even used,” said Antronette Cartar, Jordan’s mother. “I can’t stop him from not wanting to snitch on somebody and I will be coming for an appeal”

And then, suddenly realizing the gravity of the situation, Wright’s face fell.

No one would have blamed the Klee family if they had decided to take the case to trial. Wright’s clear lack of remorse could have driven almost anyone to gun for the maximum sentence. But when the prosecution returned, their answer was one of forgiveness.

In the end, Wright was sentenced for second-degree murder to 23 to 50 years. The family of Jordan did not want to go through the pain of a trial.

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Sources: OpposingViews, MLive