After She Uploaded Photos Of Her Dead Daughter, They Arrested Her For Murder…


Jeanie Ditty, a young soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, experienced a life-shattering event when she lost her 2-year-old daughter, Macy. To honor Macy’s memory, Jeanie arranged a poignant photoshoot that included an angelic depiction of her little girl. The images, taken at Macy’s burial site, captured Jeanie’s anguish as she knelt beside her daughter’s grave, mourning her loss.

According to Jeanie, Macy had died accidentally, choking on her vomit after consuming rotten bananas. The heart-wrenching photos, enhanced by a Pennsylvania-based photographer to include Macy’s ethereal presence, touched many people. Jeanie received donations and various forms of support from those moved by her tragic story.

However, the authorities harbored doubts about Jeanie’s account of Macy’s demise. Suspecting that the child’s death was no accident, they launched an intensive investigation into Jeanie’s possible involvement. As the truth emerged, the photos of Macy as an angel transformed from a mother’s tribute into a chilling attempt at atonement for her child’s murder.

Macy passed away in December 2015, with Jeanie’s desperate call for help bringing paramedics to her apartment in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Despite their best efforts, they could not revive the toddler. Macy was taken to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. Court documents revealed that her small body was riddled with bruises, evidence of multiple head injuries, and a lacerated liver.

“This is a horrible case all the way around,” said Bernard Condlin, Jeanie’s attorney. The undeniable proof of severe child abuse led to Jeanie and her boyfriend, Army Special Forces soldier Zachary Keefer, being arrested and charged.

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“Ms. Ditty left during that time frame to go to a doctor’s appointment,” Condlin explained. “When she left, the baby was fine. When she came home, the baby wasn’t.” Surprisingly, authorities dropped charges against Keefer, leaving Jeanie as the sole person facing repercussions for her daughter’s death.

Prosecutor Julia Wolf Hejazi justified the dismissal of Keefer’s charges, stating, “New medical information provides a clearer timeline of events and contradicts previous medical information…in the interest of justice, the state is dismissing these charges.”

Jeanie Ditty’s attorney, Bernard Condlin, accompanied her during a first appearance hearing at the Cumberland County Detention Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Condlin said of his client, “She’s very upset the case didn’t go to trial as scheduled.”

As Jeanie’s story unfolds, the once-touching photoshoot serves as a harrowing reminder of the consequences of a mother’s actions and the lies that shroud the truth.

Source: AWM