ALERT – Hillary’s Thugs Issue THIS Nasty Threat to Reporters Covering Her Health…OOOOHHH I’m So SCARED!!

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In my younger days, one of my favorite television shows was the Sopranos. I remember watching Tony Soprano driving through the New Jersey Turnpike, and thinking this was one nasty dude. Considering that reporters commented on Hillary’s health are now being intimidated and threatened, it probably isn’t a far stretch to say there are also some nasty dudes working for the Clinton campaign as well.

Daily Mail U.S. Political Editor David Martosko commented on Twitter about Clinton’s tired, exhausted-looking demeanor and he was immediately attacked by Nick Merrill, who told him to “delete your account” and Adam Parkhomenko, who literally threatened his job.

Experienced reporters such as Martosko understand the potential ramifications of these types of insults. When a high-ranking political operative tells one of them to “delete your account” it is an effort to separate him from the herd and intimidate other reporters from doing something similar.

To his credit however, Martosko didn’t take the bait and instead commented further on Clinton’s demeanor. He said Clinton looked “zonked.”

That is when the thug Parkhomenko threatened Martosko’s occupation, and he just blew off the threat, saying he was wasn’t all that concerned.

Sadly, David Martosko is not the only one who has noticed this. Much like when he said, “She’s not pulling it off” many average, ordinary Americans are having a hard time believing it too. Running for President and then running the country if you are elected requires a lot of energy, and this is something Donald Trump used as an attacking point on Jeb Bush.

We live in perilous times, and we need a candidate with high energy. We also need a candidate with honesty, so if something is wrong with Hillary she should be honest and come clean with the American people.

Instead, this woman who literally looks like a walking zombie has her henchmen come after this reporter and intimidate him on Facebook. Just like Tony Soprano, who can’t show any weakness. We can’t let that façade crumble in some way, so she also made sure to be out of earshot of the reporters when she had another of her trademark nasty coughs!

Thankfully, David Martosko will probably continue to point out the issues he sees in the Hillary Clinton campaign simply because he has earned respect for being objective.

As you can see in the example above, he has also garnered a lot of scorn from many of the socialistic liberals when he criticizes their candidate. Threats do not silence a true reporter like Martosko, however.

Now all he needs to do is worry about getting on “The List.”


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