Ashley Judd: Trump’s Presidency Worse than Being Raped

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Ashley Judd is at it again…and this time, as hard as it is to believe, it is worse than the last.

Judd bashed Trump earlier this month at the Women’s March in Washington, suggesting he has ‘sexual fantasies’ about his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

“I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes,” Judd said.

This time, she came out to tell the world the “tragedy” of Donald Trump’s election victory is ‘far worse’ than an experience from her childhood – including being raped.

Sporting a pink ‘Pussy’ hat, Judd got emotional:

“It remains for me the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime,” Judd said of Trump’s successful election. “Raped as a child – bad. Re-raped by a political system that ordains a clown – really bad.”

Judd went even further stating the same male family member who failed to protect her from being sexually assaulted as a child betrayed her again by voting for Trump.

“And the fact that there were adult men in my family – who failed to protect me as a child – voted for him, was really re-traumatizing in saying, ‘You’re gonna put me out there again. And the idea that you would protect me has evaporated.’ And it was incredibly painful. Incredibly painful,” she said.

“Immediately I began to weep, because it’s not ok. It’s not ok,” Judd added. “For me it’s not about the wall, it not about any of that stuff. It’s about, you voted for a pussy grabber. You voted for someone who calls his wife a piece of ass, whose daughter is his favorite sex symbol. It really boils down to me to the sexual assault and the misogyny piece.”

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0 thoughts on “Ashley Judd: Trump’s Presidency Worse than Being Raped

  1. Well, I would never wear the pink symbol of a vagina on my head, I am obviously a woman. I would suspect the woman who wrote this attempt at being creative, has been or is being abused.

  2. Heaven help us all when the likes of Ashley Judd, with her trainwreck of a life, dares to be a spokeswoman for decent, caring, involved women in this country. Give me a break.

  3. Ashley, get real. You might have been abused as a child, might, but it’s time you put that behind you, See a doctor or something,. What you do with your life is up to you now. People have the right to vote the way they want to, not the way you want them too. Other women have different feelings from you , but you don’t see them acting like a fool. You don’t own the world. I will never watch anything you are in. If I were you, I would lay low for a while in hopes people will forget how stupid you are.

  4. She needs to go see her therapist. The meds she’s on obviously aren’t working for her anymore. She is failing to accept reality and creating alternate scenarios in her mind to cope with a truth she doesn’t like. It seems to be taking a toll on her psyche. She should have a med check asap.

  5. You really need to get some professional help, there is really something you need help with. How does your rape and Donald Trump being elected have anything to do with you, he didn’t rape you did he ? Where are you getting this info about him and his daughter Ivanka ? If I was President Trump I would do whatever I needed to do to stop you from this nasty slander. You need to fix yourself, before trying to take on the world. I have always been a fan of your’s , not anymore. Never watch you again!

  6. I’ll tell you what I can’t figure out, is she Anne Heche crazy or Margot Kidder crazy?

  7. Ashley please shut up!!! The fact that this is the worse thing that’s ever happened to you shows that your a spoiled and confused Brat!! Get over yourself already!!

  8. There is something seriously wrong with her! She needs to move with Whoopie, Rosie, and the others!

  9. I agree I use to like Ashley Judd but she’s a sicko in the head. If she got raped she needs to look at her mother not trump he is here to help some of us you might not like him but we did so keep your opinions to your self we all don’t think like psychos. You really need to get on meds of some kind. I will never spend another dime on a movie. Or show you are in and I will ask other people to do the same. I think after reading this article your career is shot anyway. Because they will think you are a complete nut and idiot. Sometimes you need to know when to keep your mouth shut and when to talk and this should have been one time to keep it shut. You will see your ratings decline cause this article will spread like wildflowers.

  10. Ashley Judd really has some mental issues. It is a shame because she was a very good actress a few years ago, recently not so much and she may never work again with this crazy activity.

  11. what’s the old saying——better to have people think your a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.

  12. Didn’t this sick Hollywood elitist once consider running for office in Kentucky? Cats out of the bag, this is what Kentucky would have gotten.

  13. I went to school with Ashley. Her biggest accomplishment is to find a way to make EVERY situation about her. DRAMA QUEEN does not begin to describe her. Ashley is a has been actress that married an athlete to put herself back in the spotlight. Now that’s old so she has to find something else to put herself in the news. To Ashley . . . After all these years you haven’t found a way to be happy just being you, I find that truly sad. Even the Manson kids have found enough happiness in their lives to not need all that spotlight.

  14. Ashley, you are not a role model for anyone. Your values are antithetical to everything woman.

  15. shame on this hussy for being so stupid and she in her own mind thinks herself wonderful she has lowered herself so low she wont ever find the way up again, just like all the others in that stupid march i saw a men being ask why they were there they said they were being paid $50.00 dollars an hour this needs to be looked into were the money came from , were all these women guilty of aborting their babies and trying to justifying it well almighty God does not THEY ALL HAVE SPOTS ON THEIR SOULS NOW AND WILL BE LEFT WITHOUT EXCUSE

  16. Worst than being Raped? who would want to rape her when it’s probably free. Only gives to friends and doesn’t have an enemy in the world.

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