Billionaire Thought His Model Wife Was Dead – He Was Wrong

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Not surprisingly, Italian businessman Gianluca Cervara was extremely upset when his wife, model and former Miss Ukraine Anna Zaiachkivska, disappeared. He feared she had been kidnapped or killed.

The pair got married just before Christmas in 2015, and she went MIA in mid-July of this year.

The billionaire said he was worried about his wife, until he checked her Instagram account. It turned out Zaiachkivska was not in danger at all, but living in New York City with someone else.

“Your Husband in Milan And Parents say thank You for Be in New York with address Of another Man,” Cervara sarcastically commented on her Instagram pics. He also wrote: “Wooooow Married escape without Tell And with fake address in NewYork!!”

Cervara is also suing Zaiachkivska for violation of their prenuptial agreement. He also claims she stole $7,000 and a cellphone before she made a getaway.

Zaiachkivska, however, told Ukrainian media that her husband had been abusive towards her: “He raised his hands against me.”

Of note, this was not the first time Zaiachkivska has run away. “The first time when he did it I ran away to my parents’ house in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk,” she explained.

Zaiachkivska noted Cervara came to get her, but still did not treat her right. She said she eventually ran away to New York to get away from his abuse.

Source: AOL

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