Black Arizona Cop Decided to Attend Trump Rally… What He Said About It Is Going Massively INSANELY Viral


Wanting to see for himself what all the fuss was about, Police Officer Brandon Tatum decided to attend a Donald Trump rally in Tucson, Arizona.

In a post that is roiling the internet (and smashing liberal narratives), Tatum shared a videoSaturday night giving his perspective on Trump’s rally in  — and the disruptive protesters who hurled obscenities at the Republican candidate.

Tatum says that as a black man, he felt safe around Trump’s supporters,

But he said he was ready to fight in self-defense the protesters, who he called the most hateful, evil people he has ever seen.

The demonstrators, who he recalls chanting the phrase “Black lives matter,” used profane language and gestures, leading a mother to cover her child’s ears.

One protester, he recounts, got beat up, but Tatum says that the man instigated a fight either by spitting on or assaulting a rally attendee. He hopes that his message makes it into the news so that typical CNN coverage of just the retaliation against the agitator doesn’t become the prevailing narrative about the rally.

As for Trump himself, Tatums says he went to the rally to decide for himself what he thought of the candidate rather than trusting someone else’s word.

He states that he gained respect for the businessman and didn’t hear anything bigoted from his stump speech. “His character’s a lot different than what you would perceive it to be in the media,” he says.

My experience at Donald Trump’s rally in Tucson, AZ. #PressPlay*I’d like to add that after further investigation the protester that was punched did not provoke the other male, according to authorities. I don’t need to state the obvious regarding my stance on assault.

Posted by Brandon Tatum on Saturday, March 19, 2016


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