SICK: Black Thug Corners An Elderly White Woman, Does Something DISTURBING…Then POSTS IT TO FACEBOOK


Crimes against the elderly should be taken seriously but in this case we fear it will be ignored by the media due to the fact that crime was caused by a black thug. He took it upon himself to harass a white women purely for enjoyment to see what her reaction would be. And then you know what he did? He posted it to Facebook.

Watch the video to see the lowest of the low. Hurting an elderly member of society should be taken very seriously. We hope there will be repercussions to follow. This guy should be ashamed of himself. Please note the video shown on Freedom Daily is brutal. Watch at your own discretion.

Freedom Daily reports:

This disgusting Video is going viral after black thug decides to record an elderly white woman’s reaction and post it to Facebook.

What enjoyment did this thug find in all this?

Of course media isn’t picking up on this black on white crime story. I hope something horrible happens to this punk ass.

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