BOMBSHELL!: Judge Nap Just Delivered A Brutal Verdict On FBI’s Hillary Investigation – It’s BEYOND Ugly!

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FBI Director James Comey called it an “investigation.”

Hillary Clinton called it a “security review.”

But Judge Andrew Napolitano called the FBI probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her years as secretary of state something else entirely – and Americans who respect the constitutional law expert should be up in arms.

He called it a sham.

“I think the FBI was told to exonerate Mrs. Clinton at the outset of the investigation,” Napolitano said Thursday on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

The conclusion was predetermined because the basic elements of a criminal investigation were never put into place, Napolitano explained: no grand jury was summoned; no subpoenas were issued; no search warrants were obtained.

Throughout the FBI report released to the public the day before the Labor Day weekend, Fox News’ senior judicial analyst observed, the authors noted that agents lacked critically needed information that simply wasn’t available.

“That’s because their hands were tied by whatever political forces are controlling the FBI,” Napolitano said.

Judge Nap never mentioned any names, but he didn’t have to.

The “political forces” that control the FBI in question are familiar to most Americans: their names are President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch – two partisan Democrats doing their best to ensure former Secretary of State Clinton succeeds Obama to the presidency.

And as far as the criminal justice system goes, they just might pull it off.

“Nothing’s going to happen in terms of a criminal prosecution before Election Day,” Napolitano said. “It should have happened when Jim Comey made his statement in July.”

It didn’t though. And whatever investigations Congress calls will be “too little, too late” to stop Clinton before Nov. 8, Napolitano concluded.

That means it will be up to the American voters to deliver Clinton the best kind of justice they can.

It might not be what she deserves, but after eight corrupting years of Barack Obama, it’s all the country has left. Conservatives who still haven’t gotten comfortable with the idea of Republican nominee Donald Trump taking the oath of office in January need to remember that.

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  1. Start supporting local stores still in business. All global corporations retail or otherwise have to support the progressive globalists. Voting Trump in will buy some time but we are all doomed especially our kids and grand kids if we don’t rein in Congress and limit them to one term. All Democrat congressmen vote for the globalist agenda and so do the anti Trump Republicans. If we allow the globalists to win we will have gone full circle and once again serve an un-elected tyrant. If Trump does win we still have to face the possibility of Obama playing a “Trumped up Martial Law card”(Blacks in the larger cities have been maintained for decades in the slums by government handouts for just this purpose. They are being primed right now to be the catalyst by Obama and his white masters. )I hope the majority of blacks see through this charade and stand shoulder to shoulder with white patriots. Maybe Rev King’s dream was for all of us. As for the Muslim thing; The globalist have determined that Sharia law is the best way to control the masses. Women will definitely have gone full circle.

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