BREAKING: Trump May Face CRIMINAL CHARGES – Please Pray…

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Of course. Hillary and any Democrat for that matter can get away with murder. Yet, if Donald Trump uses his words, the FBI is contacted and ready to put him away. Is there a double standard or something going on here!?! No way…right? <—total and complete sarcasm.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump immediately reached out to senior officials from the FBI to raise alarms about this call to violence, and to demand that Trump face felony charges under 18 U.S.C. § 879 for making these threats.

“There is no place in American politics for this kind of disgusting rhetoric,” said the organization’s senior advisor, Scott Dworkin. “Donald Trump should immediately drop out of the race, and he should be arrested for committing a federal crime. He’s proven himself to be nothing more than a thug, and anyone supporting him after this grotesque display should be publicly shamed. It’s truly abhorrent and we must all stand united – regardless of party affiliation to say loudly that Americans reject this kind of hateful and dangerous rhetoric.”

Trump may have committed a felony by trying to incite violence against Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake about it; Donald Trump wasn’t joking, and he was not talking about anything other than someone shooting Hillary Clinton to stop her from appointing justices to the Supreme Court.

The odds are that Donald Trump won’t face any criminal charges because he did not directly say that someone should shoot Hillary Clinton. He made a reference to the Second Amendment as a way to stop Hillary Clinton if she is elected. Trump’s thinly veiled threat might not meet the threshold for criminal charges, but the Republican nominee has crossed a line and needs to be held accountable for the actions that his words may inspire.

Sometimes the noise of politics is just obnoxious. This, would in fact…be one of those times.

Man…Obama’s America, sucks.

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  1. I’m so sick of all this political nonsense! Trump did not say that someone needs to shoot Hillary! I took it as meaning that “all these second amendment people” would be able to vote and keep her out of office! Liberals are so good at twisting the truth and lieing to cover up all their criminal actions that they wouldn’t know truth or decency if they came face to face with it! Go Trump! I’m still with you, all the way to the White House! Yes, I’m for the second Amemdment and I am NOT white trash or stupid, as the Democrats have labeled those of us who are backing Trump. In fact, Trump supporters are a lot more informed than most, and are sick of the criminal activity taking place in Washingtonian! You forget that you work for the American citizens, and we don’t vote you into office so that you can get rich and pass laws to support your own agenda. We put our trust in your hands, that you will do what’s best for this great nation and it’s citizens, and not sell it down the river to line your own pockets! We have a few good people in office that we need to hang on to, and the rest need to be voted out!

  2. Nobody can take a few words out of context and spin it in the totally opposite direction like a liberal can. Wonder if we have brain transplants available in our near future, because these idiots need one.

  3. So when is Hilary going to be held accountable for the email scandal or Bengozi. Hmm where is the real double standard here? Every word Trump says is analyzed and twisted while Hilary is protected and hers words foo foo d off give me a break the American public isn’t that stupid gee

  4. Trump is correct,,, Liberals will definitely do away with our 2nd Amendment… and because of what he said, the liberal media wants tyo take away Trump’s 1st Amendment rights! Wake up folks, both Right and Left.. Who in their right mind would ever vote for an America under Socialist rule? If the majority of voters KNEW that Obama was such an Anti-Constitutionalist he would have never won a 2nd term.. Hillary belongs behind bars and so does Barry and her cheating Hubby, Willie! ~TRUMP~ 2016!!!!!!!

  5. No one with a brain is going to believe this crap. I think the FBI should investigate a dishonest and corrupt media that lies to the American people for their personal gain.

  6. It’s horrible the things that Mr. Trump has said.. it’s terrible that he has the majority of the voters on the entire country finally having enough of criminal politicians.. so we suggest that Hillary Clinton release all her emails to prove her innocence of all the hoards of charges that would be filed against her when Mr. TRUMP is our next president.. We all saw the speech where he said this trivial comment.. and we have all seen enough to commit Hilary Dinton to PRISON, AND OBUMDUH TOO.. all this does is make more people vote for Trump. We all know these lies. We also all know what hillootee will do for our country.. Loot it..

  7. These idiots are grasping at straws now cause they have nothing left! They can’t run on Hillarys record so they have to listen and read each word trump says to see if they can take a snip it out of it and spin it into a story that makes trump look like a monster! They’re okay with Hillary working with our enemies and aiding terrorists but trump telling the NRA to make a stand by getting out and voting!!!! Well it shows how desperate they are to try to get something going against trump! Pathetic!!!!!

  8. I guess that the FBI should go arrest Will Smith as well. He incited violence on Trump and his supporters as well. Where are the Damn Democrats on this side of things. Just another version of double fucking standards.

  9. This is totally ridiculous!! Only a foolish idiot would think Donald Trump would say or suggest such an evil thing!! I pray for him every day and know God will destroy his enemies, so if you are one of them- BEWARE- GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!

  10. You Dumb ,Stupid , Ignorant Liberals there is no limit to your treacherous and unimaginable interpretation of the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and the spoken word. If you can’t win fairly you lie and cheat your way to try and win. I am ashamed of the democratic party, FBI and the Obama administration. They have lied about the emails, lied about Benghazi, lied about giving weapons and money to the enemy’s of The United States of America. Betraying the trust of God fearing Americans for the sake of MONEY AND POWER. Our fore fathers and everything they stood for, This Great Nation is lost. With the double standards and persecution of innocent people in the name of CORRUPTION. Next I expect to hear HAIL KING OBAMA AND QUEEN HILLARY MAT THEIR TREACHERY CONTINUE !!!!!! DISGUSTING. Where has our country IN GOD WE TRUST MAY GOD BE WITH US IN THIS TERRIBLE TIME.

  11. The country is falling apart from within. Now think about that. What groups philosophy coincides with that happening? One of the biggest political issues today is focused on the immigration of Muslims into the United States. The average American didn’t have a clue as to what is really going on. Money is power and can buy anything, even the control of the government of one of the most powerful countries in the world. What’s really happening? Who’s really behind the BLM? Somebody explain to me how a Muslim got to be president of the United States. It’s time for all Americans to stand together to get us back on track. I sorry but without concern to be politically correct, the black population better get their shit together and stop following the radicals that Are major players to their end game. Puppets. Will follow anybody that will fight to keep the government checks coming in. Quit flicking complaining about what happened in the past and move on. You don’t deserve shit if you can’t work for it. Trump IS our only hope to get back in the right path again. You may not like his tactics but his aim is true. He’s a little crude at times, says some outrageous things but you can’t deny the facts that he puts out there. People don’t like to hear the truth, most want to believe the liars, the politicians that say what they want to hear to get their vote without any validity to what comes out iof their mouths. God bless America. I’m done. I will vote for Mr. Trump and hope that he gets his shot at trying to fix some of the damage that has put us where we are.

  12. The dems are desperate, but what are they going to do when their candidate falls over from exhaustion and illness? She is becoming fail and looks like death warmed over.

  13. No if hillary doesnt get charged. For murder exct. Then trump should not be charged. Really

  14. We had elections in Canada not long ago a Harper is gone
    it can be done !!!!
    so America stay focused and forget everything else
    He said she said
    Just go and don’t stop
    the black house
    White House
    Again !!!!!!
    And with DJT
    better healthier prosperous friendly and filled with smart ideas a love
    Than ever before in History of America

  15. Hillary and Joe Biden both made comments that could be interpreted similarly when running against Obama. It’s readily available to verify if researched.

  16. Perhaps another reason to help the Realitarian….a proven Prophet to get into the White House….I do not have all the answers about how I came to predict my Whereabouts when I returned from Arlington six monthes before I would get there….The Creator endorsed it with the #4…..The name Perry and Hudson has been coming up SO many times….I put my Political views into a Catholic Church HERE in Abilene…(with incredibilties SO astounding)….A place where A lawsuit that was to happen and it has been delayed and more than just myself have been made to look foolish…..The fossils I’ve been finding are indicative of something that a man named Perry should have seen the symbolic meaning of….I can prove the validity of that Dogma behind that lawsuit….I didn’t and don’t want to get ugly about this…but I have a reason. KATY DO NOT RETREAT ONE STEP FROM WHO YOU ARE…I’ll show you who you can be from atop SPY-GLASS HILL….There is more at stake than you can imagine…I’d wager “Sandelphon” knows EXACTLY what I mean. My respect for you and what you tried to be, is written in the stars…A little better than some red tapestry….don’t you think?

  17. What a bunch of crap! If you meatheads think this shit will make you money or support your cause, you fuckheads are bankrupt!

  18. They the spinless corrupt Democratic radical Islamic lover’s can all go to Hell if people don’t start standing up for God and country like Trump is trying to we all are doomed and all our women will be wearing burqa’s.

  19. What he said was not a threat to he he was say there was nothing that could be done to stop guns from be taken if she is elected. and he said well some of the people could do something about it. This was not a direct threat to her. She said as much about Obama when they were running in 2008. They did nothing about that then.They had better not try to do anything to him. When they have done nothing to Obama or Hillary.

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