CNN Commentator LOSES IT After Conservative Guest Grazes His Arm: DON’T TOUCH ME!!

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CNN is losing it!

They are angry that America has finally started to see through their agenda, and they are furious that their world is slowly crashing down on them- HARD.

Last Friday, Don Lemon held a segment on CNN in an attempt to put the cost of protecting the First Family on blast, and to somehow make people believe that the Trump administration is spending tons of taxpayer money while they, in turn are ‘getting rich.’

One guest speaker went as far as saying that Obama ‘rarely left the white House’ and that reports of Obama spending $72 Million in taxpayer money on lavish vacations is simply ‘untrue.’ But After inviting Paris Dennard, an analyst in the administration of George W. Bush, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

Don Lemon IMMEDIATELY shut down the entire segment when Paris stated they were pushing “fake news.”

If you missed it, here it is:

And now, in CNN’s latest embarrassing meltdown liberal New York Times columnist and CNN commentator Charles Blow goes on a bizarre “Don’t touch me” rant against conservative commentator Kayleigh McEnany after she lightly tapped his arm.

As we know now, opposers aren’t allowed to touch the man.

“Don’t touch me and then launch into your ‘sinister motivation’ diatribe,” he ranted.

McEnany shot back:

“I didn’t realize there is a one-inch barrier where I am not allowed to get close to you,” she retorted as Blow continued to speak. “Now that I know, I will just scoot over that way.”

“You can scoot until you fall off that ledge,” Blow replied. “That’s what I’m telling you is don’t touch me while you’re saying I’m sinister.”

Things only got worse from there:

How do you manage to make it in life if you’re so unable to deal with someone who has an opinion different from your own?

Apparently you don’t…


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