COME ON! Biden Is Giving Ukraine Even More Money…


Joe Biden just made it clear that he has no regard for struggling hard-working Americans in his own country. He rather gives millions of dollars to Ukraine to support the war than help his own countrymen.

Yes, you read it right, Biden just announced his plan on sending another $800 MILLION in weapons to Ukraine from hard-working Americans’ taxes.

Biden plans on supporting Ukraine financially for “as long as it takes,” even while hard-working Americans struggle at home.

The hypocrisy of Biden has no bound, he doesn’t want you to own a gun to protect your family, but wants to give more weapons to Ukraine.

Yeah, it is the same Joe Biden who is currently presiding over record inflation numbers wants to spend $800 million on Ukraine.

When are we going to wake up America! It’s time to choose our own people first in times of crisis. Biden obviously chooses Ukrainians as his number 1 priority.

Here’s what ‘The Hill’ reported:

President Biden said Thursday that the U.S. plans to send an additional $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine, including advanced air defense systems and other “offensive” weapons.

Biden disclosed the plans during a news conference following a NATO summit in Madrid, where he declared the alliance united in response to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“This summit was about strengthening our alliance, meeting the challenges of our world as it is today and the threats we’re going to face in the future,” Biden said in opening remarks at the press conference.

‘Newsmax’ dropped some details: 

President Joe Biden said Thursday the United States will provide an additional $800 million in weapons and military aid to Ukraine, and hailed the courage of Ukrainians since Russia invaded in February.

Speaking after a NATO summit that saw the alliance also agree to take in Finland and Sweden, Biden said the United States and its NATO allies were united in standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I don’t know how it’s going to end, but it will not end with Russia defeating in Ukraine,” Biden told a news conference. “Ukraine has already dealt a severe blow to Russia.”

Biden, who appeared to be readying allies for a long conflict in Ukraine despite talk in March of a possible victory, added: “We are going to support Ukraine for as long as it takes.” He declined to give more details.

Here’s what folks online think of Biden’s plan to spend billions of American taxes in the middle of a crisis in his own country:

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