Cops Now Breaking Into Church Services To Do Sick Mask Checks!


Outraged worshippers watched in horror as police stormed a church and disrupted mass to check if they were all wearing masks.

Parishioners were ‘stunned’ after a Western Australian police officer burst in the middle of a mass at St. Bernadette’s Catholic Church in Mount Hawthorn Perth, Australia on Thursday evening just to check masks.

Catholic Archbishop of Perth Timothy Costelloe said in a statement according to

“It is highly regrettable that the police felt obliged to intervene during a religious service in one of Perth’s Catholic parishes in order to enforce the mask-wearing mandate.” 

“The celebration of the Eucharist is the central act of Catholic worship and is sacred to all Catholics,” he added.

Masks were made mandatory for all indoor settings in the Perth and Peel regions on January 16. Patrick Horneman was first to report that a policeman entered the church “demanding correct mask behavior and checking exemptions.”

Horneman said, “Where have we seen this behavior before in history?”

Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas released a statement regarding this sacrilege, “This oppression of faith is evil and must be resisted as strongly as possible.” has more details of the story:

Parishioners have been left “stunned” after a police officer stopped a Catholic mass at a Perth church to check whether people were wearing masks and found four were non-compliant.

Parishioner Matthew said it was “troubling” to see a policeman interrupt the service at St Bernadette’s Catholic Church in Mount Hawthorn on Thursday evening.

“Everyone was pretty surprised. It was pretty confronting,” he told 6PR radio on Friday.

“Everyone was sort of pretty stunned, I suppose. Then as soon as it started it was sort of over as he left.”

Matthew said people were left shaken by the incident.

“It’s just pretty confronting seeing police vests and stuff in church,” he said.

“He didn’t remove his hat, which is pretty disrespectful in that environment.”

Police confirmed in a brief statement that officers had attended the church.

“Police responded to a report from a member of the public of people not wearing masks inside a church,” police said.

“Upon attendance, five people were spoken to by police and complied in wearing a mask.

“One person provided proof of an exemption.”

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