Cops Shoot Unarmed White Kid To Death In Fresno; No Protests, No Riots, Nobody Even Pays Attention

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Somehow, the shooting of an unarmed white man by police isn’t drawing any attention from the mainstream media.

Unlike the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, which have created yet another firestorm complete with accusations of police racism, the media is ignoring the death of Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old white man, on June 25.

According to Fresno police, they responded to a report that a man was walking around with a rifle. Spotting a speeding truck, they tried to accost the driver, Noble. Instead, he fled and led the police on a half-mile chase.

Noble finally entered a gas station parking lot; police asserted he kept his hands hidden, and made a “conscious effort to conceal one hand behind his back, then in his waistband, as he exited the truck, and walked away from officers,” according to a press release from Fresno police.

Police said Noble muttered that he “hated his life,” reversed direction and walked back toward the police, prompting them to shoot him four times.

A witness standing roughly 100 feet away videotaped the incident for 26 seconds; the video shows two shots being fired. ABC 7 reported, “Noble appears to already be on the ground near or underneath his truck. There was a 14 second gap in between the two shots in the video.” Police body cameras also filmed the incident, but the department will not release it to the public as yet.

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0 thoughts on “Cops Shoot Unarmed White Kid To Death In Fresno; No Protests, No Riots, Nobody Even Pays Attention

  1. Blacks act like the cops only stop blacks, I am white, middle age woman. I lived in a sanctuary city and worked in Huntington Beach. One day when I left work there was a cop parked behind my car,He had ran my plate and discovered I live in Santa Ana and he had the gall to ask me what I was doing in Huntington Beach. I was like “people from Santa Ana aren’t allowed in H.B.?

  2. I don’t understand the point of this article. Someone died. That’s a horrible thing. Black, white – it doesn’t matter. A young man is dead. Why is there a need to compare this to any other senseless death? I don’t know if this shooting was warranted or not. If it was not, then shame on those police. If it was warranted, then I am so sorry for the police who had to shoot him, and for this young man’s family and friends. But the fact remains that this happens much more often to young men of color than it does to white men. That is a problem that needs to be addressed, openly and honestly, before there is more violence. This article is about race baiting, and that is wrong. This young man’s life should not be used as an instrument to further divide. That is not fair to his memory or to his family. The entire point of this article is shameful.

  3. Everybody here is waiting for the investigation to be completed.
    They had a small protest already

  4. when a person is breaking the law, posing a threat, or is a risk to those around him, we expect LEO to neutralize the threat….that’s their job…white folks don’t support thugs, felons or other criminals….we don’t build memorials to them, loot and riot when they get themselves killed by bad behavior and poor decisions….

  5. I guess only black lives matter to the media and the public. I know “what a racist, bigoted thing to say”. TOUGH SH!T !

  6. A sleeping giant waits in their midst to uphold the Constitution. We are strong, and we are many… God save Donald Trump!

  7. I can see this as a clear wish of Mr. Noble’s to die by police-assisted suicide. It is sad and it should be watched by ALL citizens and law enforcement personnel!

  8. Tragic his life does matter,,, The sad thing is many white people will not even post this slaughter on their own page nor create a #DylanNoble, Nor March, Protest, create a page, show outrage

  9. Um was this kid’s killing racially motivated NO – although all lives matter!!! so stop trying to compare murders – that’s really is sick and petty! Fool

  10. You are spot on!!!! Never mind 3 times more white people are killed by cops then blacks…Black Lives Matter group are nothing but a racist terror group, who the Liberal media love to slobber over..

  11. Then do something about it! Stop sitting here making snarky comments. They are in the news because they do something about it! They don’t sit behind their keyboards complaining they call the cops out!!! The one common denominator is the cops yet all anyone sees is race!!!

  12. That’s not true… They have had two riots in fresno regarding this death.

  13. When black Lives Matter start lynching people and murdering people on the bases of skin or religious affiliation (KKK) then you label it a terror group

  14. “…Conscious effort to conceal one hand behind his back, then in his waistband, as he exited the truck, and walked away from officers.” This is in no comparison to a man that was simply following directions in retrieving his ID during a traffic stop and wound up dead. So please stop with the unnecessary cries for attention. This man did NOT deserve to die, no one does. But what you fail to acknowledge is that black people are killed solely based on white hate/fear that blacks are always up to no good.

  15. Then why don’t you start the protest? Don’t you care an unarmed person was wrongly shot and killed by the police?

  16. Maybe the real difference here is that he fled from the police and “made a conscious effort to conceal one hand behind his back, then in his waistband, as he exited the truck”.. I’m not saying this is okay, especially considering he WAS obviously on the ground at the time shots were fired, but the point is by the gestures that he made, he led the police to believe he had a fire arm. People need to realize that this is only made about race because that’s what THE PEOPLE make it to be. Wake up people, the lives of one race does not matter any more than another. ALL LIVES MATTER! Regardless of race, relogion, status, gender, and anything else you can think of. Once our nation has completely divided, we will fall. And it’s nobody’s fault but our own.

  17. There’s actually a protest happening NOW in Fresno, CA over this death, along the busiest street in the city….

  18. Seems to me if the damn police departments , the officers themselves.. would get rid of the animals among them.. and the good cops DO know who the trigger happy,power trip , ones are ……most if not all this crap would shrink..or maybe be gone altogether……I understand they have a dangerous job…and have to make quick decisions…..but many videos we have all seen…..cops are crazy…..and totally irresponsible …THERE ARE ALLOT OF GOOD COPS OUT THERE…..UNTIL THEY GET RID OF THE RATS AMONG THEM…..THEY WILL CONTINUE TO ALL GET THE BAD RAP…

  19. Black lives matter is not a racist group stop judging blacks just have a stronger feel to come together if u think that white guy needs attention bring it to the table and stop judging

  20. where did you get your facts Lisa.. or is it ok to make them up to bolster your need to feel like a persecuted white.. lol .. ps I am white and you are so full of crap you are brown..

  21. Black Lives Matter group are a pile of shite, they are using racism as an excuse to cause terrible problems, they are acting like senseless brainless tribal groups just like they still do in africa

  22. That’s because White people aren’t protesting because we don’t give a crap about each other. Don’t blame the black community for having a community that cares for itself.

  23. The issue is that these cops usually get off in the cases dealing with black men. Do you think that every time a black person is shot by a cop or white cop its on the news. No. But there are certain cases that are purely unjust and their is evidence to prove it. And race often times plays a part in it as far as how black men are perceived. If you saw a white man with a gun in holster and a black man with a gun..would you look at them the same? i doubt it. Police officers often carry these same prejudices…why because they are no different than any other person with the same programming that has plagued society for years…this kid obviously seemed as he was dealing with some issues and wanted the police to think he was carrying a weapon in an attempt to have them take his life…totally different scenario from the 2 recent cases. The stats you speak of are pure bullshit. I saw someone that spoke to a room full of white people and said raise your hand if you wanted to be treated like a black person…not one raised their hand. Would you raise yours?

  24. Notice they said nothing of the race of the officer”s,could it be black cops targeting white people! I say we go protest,I can use a new tv and some free food and booze too.

  25. We are only about 11% of the population. So there’s still more shooting of Black males in a particular age group. YOU have to organize, complain, write letter, protest. I can not believe the people are not up in arms about it. I’m astounded! That is somebody’s child, brother cousin, best friend! How can you be silent? Silence is consent. It’s not in contrast to BLM. It’s in addition to. You, as the “dominant power” just have to say Stop Police Brutality. Start posting about the slain. I wish you the best!

  26. It may be true that whites are killed 3 times more often than blacks but were they all killed for no reason. Were they murdered. You are judt stating statistics about people being killed by police officers. How many were killed for no reason. It dont make any difference what color you are you should not have your life taken by the people whose job is to protect it. The problem here is that cops are taking human lives white and black. The cops in this incident should be held accountable without any regard to the color of the victims skin. They are human beings.

  27. You do realize that only 13% of the country’s population is black, right Lisa? So, statistically, almost 8 times as many white people as black should be killed by police in order for it to make sense with the racial demographic of this country, although ideally we’d like no one to be killed by police.

    Educate yourself before you make hateful, racist statements.

  28. “police killed blacks at three times the rate of whites when adjusted for the populations where these shootings occurred. And although black men represent 6 percent of the U.S. population, they made up nearly 40 percent of those who were killed while unarmed.” From the Washington Post. Total numbers don’t matter when America is mostly white people. I see the media painting BLM in a critical light generally. Just like this conservative website would.

  29. White people aren’t killed by the police 3 times more than black ppl I don’t know where you get your info from buddy but they are wrong

  30. Lies. First off the video isn’t as damning. Secondly there were protests, an fbi investigation, even a #whitelivesmatter hashtag along with confederate flags. However because of #BlacklivesMatter they may find some justice because they were wearing body cams and stories like this are now being reported.

  31. The reason you have more Whites killed than Blacks is that whites out number blacks eight to one in the USA. We need to get off of the RACE of the Person that got shot and killed by the police and look at the reason for the shooting.

  32. There is more to it than a white gets shot .. a black gets shot. Police in our little city start off at $26,000 a year (in some areas where the cost of living is higher they start at $52K) – what is required to be an officer? a GED and pass a physical (and not have a felony) – training is not that extentive. Police shootings are up by over 24% (not counting the Dallas shootings). We have to look at the areas where most of these shooting are, are they responding to violent areas, are they on edge. Think for just a minute about trying to make a 1-3 second decision as to whether you will make it back alive home tonight from your job) – officers need more training. Officers need more pay. Now, are we ready to pay higher taxes to accommodate that?

  33. Nobody Even Pays Attention because it has nothing to do with the left’s agenda and their narrative of a racist white culture in America.

  34. No actually per capita, more black people are killed. Sorry you’re wrong about that.

  35. Black people are addressing black people being shot. White people should be addressing white people being shot. When BLM speaks out against unlawful acts against blacks, whites chant all lives matter, taking away from the problem at hand. When a white person is killed, all lives matter is quite and BLM is called racist.

  36. I don’t know why it ia so hard for some people to believe that racism exists and sometimes people die because of it. But obviously the real problem in this country is that police officers are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they murder unarmed or innocent civilians.

  37. How are blm group racist and terrorist? Plus I want to see footage of all these so called 3 times more likely white ppl getting killed. Do white people not own phones so they can record it and post it on social media!

  38. Do any of you know what the phrase “Black Lives Matter” means? And what is the point of the idea that a story about a white kid being shot not getting any publicity? For one thing, you know about it, so someone publicized it. Second, do a little homework and research the story and you will learn that it received plenty of publicity. So, three times more whites get shot by cops than blacks? That should come as no surprise since there are TEN TIMES more whites in America than blacks! And if you still want to foster the fantasy that blacks are not discriminated by the police, research published by the state of Minnesota last week showed that, given blacks and whites driving vehicles in identical circumstances, blacks are 310% more likely to be pulled over than whites. Plus there is now extensive research being published by numerous police organizations across the country showing significantly higher rates of police abuse against blacks than whites given similar instances of investigation or arrest. Also, the blacks would have a significantly greater chance of being arrested than whites, given similar offenses or circumstances. This is all hard-core published, verifiable research done by police groups investigating their own behavior. It is humbling information, and is being taken very seriously.

  39. To call Black lives Matter a racist group is nothing like the KKK,Neo-Nazi,or all the undercover prejudices that goes on a daily basis. Black Lives Matter is making public the unfairness that African Americans are constantly being confronted with. In short the parent figures are solely responsible for teaching their kids the toxic information that goes from one generation to the next generation.They have been brainwashed and further choose to perpetuate the lie.Those that have awakened are the people who live by their good vibrations from within the healthy love realm.

  40. I have heard people say ‘Glenn Beck is a wack job.’ I’ve seen Glenn Beck be right too many times and would call him anything but. It’s hard to convince people of the inconceivable, they are the ones who will say “I wish we would have listened”.

  41. All lives matter a lot of killings of blacks ,hispanics, whites and other races that aren’t publicized because the family or friends didn’t make it an issue and if they did then that’s there fault if it didn’t make a difference. The point is stand up for your rights until equality is for all humanity things won’t be right AND AT THE END OF THE DAY WE ARE ALL FROM ONE HUMAN RACE FUCK A LABEL

  42. you know what everyones life matters I wish people would wake the hell up
    There seems to be a tremendous amount of people who are what I call Hyper sensitive everyone thinks that the other is racist or picking on them yes I agree racism does still exist but not as often as everyone is making it out to be there are good cops and bad good people and bad people but lately it seems a person can’t say anything or even look at another person without being accused of this. I am a person who cares about people no matter your race religion ect.. I do not and never will play the race card to me that is unacceptable we are all human beings with hearts and feelings we need to get back to togetherness not division.

  43. Wow! This is the first time I’ve heard about this incident. Why? Because the media didn’t play it over and over and over again. Their M.O. Is to cause racial division and tensions. They have nothing to gain by publicizing this.

  44. No they’re not a terror group. It’s not saying that ONLY black lives matter. It’s saying ‘black lives matter ALSO, TOO, AS WELL, IN ADDITION TO all other lives. And before you say what about black on black crime, yeah, that sucks a lot!! But the criminals that are committing those acts didn’t take an oath. And blacks ARE killed more by police per capita.

  45. Because all of you lazy worthless ass white fk hill billies are sitting there on your fat asses drawing a check and wanting some minority to even do your goddamn protesting for you too. SMMFH. STFU.

  46. Hmm he fled the scene. I bet the cop gets convicted too. Thus is what you racist pricks forget when you try to compare scenarios.

  47. Focus on the cops not blacks or white . OK he was running from the cops He Stated he hated his life so many they felted threatened

  48. The media isn’t protesting people are. So instead of writing this article join them in protesting police brutality, instead of making his death about BLM.

  49. all lives matter….I hate this man lost his life….but his situation was alot different from alot of others… (black unarmed men)….so yeah should have been media attention….when “we ” say “black lives matter”…we aren’t saying only black lives matter…it’s a difference…it’s think the whole saying come up when sooooooo many again,”black unarmed men” got killed by asshole (law) when in fact it didn’t need to be…and alot know it wheather you wanna agree or not…shit the damn truth!!! period!!!!…and the world know it..this young man here,from what the article says…police probably had no choice…he did some extra…but the mfs didn’t have to kill the many that they did…and videos,social media a mf now…ain’t too much lying,hiding you can do when you on video..smh…and I’m far from a racist so see that how you feel..but “black lives matter” we just saying like any other race do.. but they tooken/take life as if it doesn’t…so that’s what that’s about…had to explain..hope you get a clearer pic of it…you may or may not…but it is what it is

  50. Sorry and sad to hear about this Jesus thinks it a very big deal the other thing is an a agenda to destroy all of us may we all see through it.before its too late Love to all take care ABA bless us all with wisdom.

  51. there are 4 more times white people in this nation so multiply the number of blacks killed by 4 and then genius recalculate your statement…..And where are all the All lives matter people especially the white ones who get mad That Black Lives matter is be said…#DamnDummies


  53. Why is it racist? It’s a fact! You will not here a word from the media and certainly not the B.L.M if it doesn’t involve them. Fact is the police do shoot black and white citizens. The police have a stressful job as they are under scrutiny constantly. That half second could be the difference between life and death. There are many factors to distinguish between a justified shooting and an unjustified shooting. There are no justified shootings in the B.L.M.

  54. Blacks,mexicans, (minorities) is that right what’s said when a human white in color gets shot by police or whomever of authority nothing because they were WHITE it’s a color folks for lack of better way of putting it get a job act like somebody stop blaming your stupidity and incompetence on the color of your damn skin excuse me…


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