Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Just Took An Unprecedented Step To Deal With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

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NFL controversy has jeopardized the entire institution thanks to Commissioner, Roger Goddell’s pathetic inability to rein in the players and effectively administer damage control.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is one of the many owners who are very disappointed with Goddell’s performance, or lack there of. With contract extensions in the works, it appears that Jones is conspiring to have Goodell’s extension voided or at the very least drastically decrease the ridiculous salary he has been receiving for apparently no reason.

Via Born to be Right:

According to reports, Jones led a secret conference call with a group of perhaps as many as 17 owners to discuss Goodell’s handling of the national anthem protests was at the top of the list of complaints against him, Breitbart reported.

This secret meeting occurred after it was announced that the intended meeting between owners and players was canceled without an explanation or reschedule date.

The meeting between the players and the owners, which was scheduled for this week, was canceled with no replacement date.

According to reports, the owners were anxious with the inclusion in the meeting of the players who started the anthem protest – Colin Kapernick.

Colin Kaepernick is a fool who knows nothing about oppression and all of this conflict is because of his personal ignorance in not having the intelligence to understand what his actions would result in on a larger scale. Why should he allowed to attend when he isn’t even playing in the NFL because of this exact controversy?

Goodell is proving to be just as ignorant as Kaepernick if he believes his lack of a response , especially considering his past lack of a response, will actually turn out in his favor.

Jones and the owners who oppose Goodell are not criticizing him only about the anthem protests. They are also reeling over his mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse case.

“You don’t get to have this many messes over the years like Roger has had and survive it,” an owner anonymously told ESPN, Breitbart reported.

Looks like the future of the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell’s career are up in the air as controversy has both sides ramping up.

0 thoughts on “Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Just Took An Unprecedented Step To Deal With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

  1. Why did the owners wait so long to do anything ? Now they want to blame one man, seams like there is enough for everyone to owen up to it.

  2. We are so fed up with everyone pussyfooting around and allowing these prima donna players to do as they please and call all the shots, that we will never watch anymore NFL games – no matter WHAT! We are done with them. It’s only a game for which they all make an astronomical amount of money. The NFL is irrelevant. Our National Anthem and Our Flag are important to Americans. We will enjoy college football and love our country. Go to hell, NFL.

  3. The owners hirer a top ceo to operate the business, he is under contract to look after the owners investments. Now they are behind the 8 Ball, due to Goodell’s inability To control these situations. The owner would be better off firing him and hire a strong CEO. Right now the inmates are running the prison.

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