Dan Crenshaw Just Laid Out Exactly What Biden Needs To Do!


Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw couldn’t take it anymore and blasted President Biden on Twitter early Friday and said that Biden must authorize the U.S. military to expand the perimeter around the Kabul airport and retake an important airfield to help with evacuations.

Crenshaw served as a Navy SEAL for a decade and was wounded in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province in 2012.

On his Twitter post, he said that “Two things need to happen, and only Biden can authorize. First US military must be allowed to operate outside Kabul airport to get American citizens and second Retake Bagram airfield, thus giving us more options for evacuations. Biden created this mess and needs to take decisive action.”

Crenshaw also mentioned on Thursday his demand to make an action to help Americans stuck in Afghanistan during the disastrous U.S. withdrawal.

Crenshaw said on Twitter “Yesterday the SECDEF [Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin] said we can’t go get US citizens, but this isn’t the full story, We certainly have the capability, but Biden has not authorized it. This must change. Biden needs to do something besides pass the buck.”

In another post on Thursday, he said, “We need more than just a vague hope that our citizens will be evacuated while Taliban control the entrances to Kabul.

“Biden must order the military to retake Bagram. It was Biden’s foolish troop number cap that forced DOD to abandon it. Time to fix this and get our people out.

“American military is currently only operating rescue flights out of the Kabul airport.”

Crenshaw also tweeted, “Bagram Airbase is about 30 miles from Kabul and can handle far more aircraft. It is also separated from the amassed Taliban forces in Kabul.
“This would give us more options for getting people out of the country. Right now, evacuees are having a hard time even getting to Kabul.”

Crenshaw’s office also making ways to help out trapped Americans in the Afghanistan.

It was previously revealed by Biden last Wednesday night that the number of Americans that are still in Afghanistan range from 10,000 to 15,000.

Sources: Western Journal, Fox News