Elon Musk Said Three Words And Liberals Lose Their Minds!


Apparently not “All Lives Matter” for ‘woke’ employees at Twitter. All they want to hear is that only “Black Live Matter” and everything else doesn’t.

On Thursday’s companywide meeting at Twitter, an internal chat leaked wherein employees were triggered by Twitter’s new head honcho Elon Musk saying the inclusive phrase.

Speaking to all employees for the first time since he launched his takeover bid of the social media giant, Musk addressed a range of issues including layoffs, misinformation, remote work, and more.

The Tesla founder reiterated his position as a “free speech absolutist,” adding that people should be able to say “pretty outrageous things” on Twitter so long as they were legal.

However, Twitter employees appeared to be even more triggered by Musk uttering the words “all lives matter.”

“He literally just all lives mattered,” one complained, according to a screenshot from a leaked Twitter Slack channel.

“Yikes,” commented another.

Musk would go on to talk about how Twitter should advocate for free speech and not suppress it.

CNBC has more details of this story:

When it comes to legal but potentially harmful speech, Musk told Twitter employees, that people should be allowed to say what they want.

But that’s different from Twitter promoting that speech, Musk said, according to the source.

Users have the right to filter out content they don’t want to see, he added. Musk said the standard is much more than not offending people, it’s that they are entertained and informed.

Musk reiterated a sentiment he made online earlier that if 10% of the far left and far right are upset, Twitter is doing the right thing.

Addressing the topic of inclusion and diversity, Musk said the most inclusive thing to do would be to get all humans on Twitter.

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Sources: WLTCNBC