Even CNN’s Don Lemon Is Beginning To Think Biden Is Senile!


Far-left CNN goes beyond the blue line this time, I mean the host at least. It feels like they are slowly changing their tone, now that they’ve seen how disastrous Joe Biden is for America.

And this time, a real question was asked by CNN Anchor Don Lemon that left Biden’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in defensive mode.

On Wednesday’s episode of “New Day” Lemon discussed the serious question he asked Jean-Pierre the other night about what’s the current state of Biden’s mental fitness.

At first, she was shocked because she thought they were in the same narrative, but later on, she went into full defensive mode and asked why Lemon would even ask the question.

You can watch that moment below:

Fox News gives us more details of the story:

CNN host Don Lemon joined “New Day” on Wednesday to discuss his interview with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre the previous night, during which she criticized his questioning.

Jean-Pierre laughed off a question from Lemon about President Biden’s mental fitness amid reporting from The New York Times about members of the Democratic Party having concerns about Biden’s leadership ability.

Lemon said it was his job to ask these questions and Jean-Pierre’s job to answer them as a spokesperson for the administration.

The CNN host said people should know the “health, history, both physically and mentally” of the president of the U.S., and noted that journalists and media pundits “certainly” questioned former President Donald Trump’s health.

It appears CNN is finally facing the music and are terrified of a Biden 2024 run. Another CNN anchor Van Jones is also concerned about Biden’s cognitive ability:

Watch it here: GOP WarRoom/Youtube

Sources: WLT, Fox News