Even MORE Horrible Footage Of Sesame Place Employees Mistreating Black Children! [VIDEO]


More videos have emerged of a Sesame Place character seemingly ignoring Black kids, a day after the Sesame Street-themed park in Philadelphia claimed a viral clip was the result of a one-off misunderstanding.

We reported yesterday that a mother name Jodi went viral on Sunday after her two kids who were avid fans seemingly ignored during a Sesame Street parade sounded off about the theme park’s apology amid racism accusations, calling it disingenuous and an attempt to “save face.”

That one incident is not isolated after all as previously claimed by the theme park, because more videos emerged and now went viral on social media.

You won’t catch me shedding a tear if Sesame Street gets “canceled”. I think it’s a tool progressives use to indoctrinate children into the liberal religion and push sexuality onto them, through the LGBTQ agenda that they are constantly integrating into all of their programs.

And if these disturbing videos don’t stop rolling out, that “Sesame Place” amusement park in Philadelphia is going to be closed down by this weekend.

Wayne Dupree further described the new videos related to the first incident:

The first clip shows a really aggressive character, basically “squaring up” against a small, little girl and knocking her to the ground.

The clip cuts off, but it appears to show the character trying to help the child up.

Still, was too much. However, I don’t know if there was anything “racist” about what the character did. I think it was just poor judgment.

The second clip is more suspect, in my opinion.

The Burt character is giving out all these high-fives to kids, and when he gets to the black girl, he appears to do this dismissive and rude slap to the side of her head.

The little girl turns around and makes a shocked face at presumably an adult behind her.

This makes no sense to me… why would the character do that, it’s not part of Burt’s persona to behave that way.

So, that video is very strange.

You can watch the video below:

The park has invited the family to come back for a meet and greet, but Mom says she’ll never set foot on Sesame Place again.

I am not a fan of the “Sesame Street” brand, I think they’re adults who are using children to push an LGBTQ progressive agenda, so in some ways, this could be a dose of karma.

It’s really sad to think that these little kids have to be the victim of this woke propaganda.

Source: WayneDupree