Evil B*stard Harry Reid Blocks Reform to VA Suicide Hotline -HIS REASON IS SICK

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Citing an “epidemic level” of veteran suicides, an urgent legislative response moved swiftly through Congress last week. But then it hit a wall.

The Government Accountability Office recently found that the Department of Veteran Affairs’ crisis line failed to respond in a timely manner to between 20 and 30 percent of veterans who called or texted in need of counseling and support. Rep. David Young, a freshman congressman from Iowa, unanimously passed a reform bill, the No Veterans Crisis Line Call Should Go Unanswered Act, through the House of Representatives on Monday. By Wednesday, its companion bill had found similar support in the Senate—only to come up against outgoing Minority Leader Harry Reid’s rabid partisanship.

Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted his disapproval of blatant partisanship on the part of the Senate’s Democratic leadership:


0 thoughts on “Evil B*stard Harry Reid Blocks Reform to VA Suicide Hotline -HIS REASON IS SICK

  1. These are the individuals we have voted into the positions the hold to represent the voice of the people. The people who who defended them and now they need them to do the same in their time of need. It’s not like like Harry Reid doesn’t make more more money than he’s worth. Maybe if he were on the military payscale, living in military housing he might be humbled and get off his high horse and quit acting like he’s somebody he’s not. It’s certainly easy to cast judgement when you don’t need to worry about if your mental stability or if you’ll make it to see tomorrow. Good job Harry. Way to represent those who elected you to represent them Bravo Zulu.

  2. Three to five in the back in a public area after dark and the FBI will declare it a suicide. After all he is a cohort of Hillary.

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