FACT-CHECK: Did Obama Create ISIS?

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VIA | CLAIM: Obama founded ISIS


INVESTIGATION: Recently Donald Trump has been getting a lot of push-back on his assertion that Barack Hussein Obama created ISIS. This has come from both liberal media and, sometimes, conservative sell-out-media both. Is Mr. Trump correct? He is. Let’s look at the facts.

2003: The liberal Brookings Institution releases a limited distribution white-paper called “The Atrocity Engine: A Plan for Global Terror Beyond Measure.” In it, it suggests that if a power-void can be created in the Middle East and a properly coached charismatic leader installed, a group organized around medieval Islamic principles could be activated. This would lead to the catastrophic destruction of liberties in western governments.

2004: Obama gives his famous speech, composed by script writers at Brookings at the Democratic National Convention. This catapults him into politics at the national level.

2006: The head of Al Qaeda is killed by a drone-strike in Iraq under President Bush. Planning for Obama’s political campaign green-lit by key Democratic fundraisers and special interest groups.

2008: After an economic crisis hits, Obama seizes the White House and immediately begins a rapid pull-out of the Iraqi theater. He relieves several of his generals of their command when they object to the too-rapid draw-down. He appoints Hillary Rodham Clinton to Secretary of State.

2009: Secretary of State Clinton travels to Iraq. Her schedule shows a 3 day gap. Sources say she met with a man in US custody at a CIA black-site named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (أبو بكر البغدادي). The subject is listed on CIA reports as having undergone a 64hr “Birthday Party,” a term usually used for an umbrella of psychological re-programming techniques.

2010: Internal emails collected, but blocked from release during the Benghazi investigation, show arguments between marketing experts and the Secretary of state over the name of the emerging terror group. While Obama prefers ISIL due to its implications to Jewish voters, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prefers ISIS due to its greater linguistic impact with American audiences.

After A/B testing with focus groups, ISIS wins although POTUS still uses ISIL. Clinton tells investigators they were merely trying to decide on what to call the terror group in public communications.

2010: Group adopts the name ISIS on all internal and external communications despite having shifted to IS publicly.

2012: Obama orders intelligence about ISIS suppressed to decrease the threat-level. Orders Rules of Engagement that allow the terror-state free-trade in oil including pre-warning of attacks on fuel-trucks to “reduce civilian casualties.”

2014: In a recorded speech, ISIS leader al-Baghdadi tells potential European investors that he has “a mighty friendship with Hussein” and that “their money will be safe from American asset seizure so long as control of the White House is maintained.”

It is clear that Obama is the operational force and ‘founding father’ of ISIS and that the liberal media are trying their best to cover up this fact. Mr. Trump is, as usual, CORRECT.


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  1. Can you post a link to the white paper? Brookings’ website does not list one with that title. Thanks!

  2. While the information provided is accurate, there is much left out of the document. Obama was trying to develop an entity to oppose Assad in Syria. He, through HIllary, funded and armed a radical group in Eastern Syria. That group became ISIS. It is no surprise that ISIS is “Sunni” Muslim. The Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, etc, wanted a force to oppose any Shia regime in Iraq, because it might lend strength to possible uprisings of long-suppressed Shia in those states. Obama acted in concert with the Sunni nations to create ISIS on their behalf. Hillary was the main conduit for the arms and money. No other entity beside the US could have provided the resources to create ISIS. Therefore, Trump’s conclusion is correct!

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