Fauci BUSTED: Hateful Hot Mic Tantrum Caught On Tape…


Another day, another hot issue for little lord Fauci. It seems Dr. Death Fauci just could not get away from the troubles of his failures.

Some never-before-seen military documents were released by Project Veritas yesterday, this shows how Fauci lied before Congress about his “Gain of Function” research at Wuhan lab.

This lying hypocrite so-called Doctor once again downplayed the House Oversight Committee, but this time he caught up badly, as the Committee released never-before-seen emails that show Fauci was actively covering up info about the lab leak of COVID-19.

Things just got worse for Fauci as was caught on tape for talking bad and calling out doctor/vet Senator Marshall from Kansas as a ‘moron.’

It all started when Dr. Death lied in his testimony in the Senate about ‘Health and Education’then Dr./Vet Senator Marshall could stand the BS and the verbal scuffle started.

Watch it here:

Dr. Death got busted for his fraudulent activities and scheming liar that is flowing out in the world.

Mediaite reported:

It came to a moment came at the tail-end of a heated exchange in which the Kansas senator challenged Fauci to “submit to Congress and the public a financial disclosure that includes your past and current investments?” Fauci replied by simply saying that all anyone had to do was ask for them before saying “you are so misinformed.

And so the heated exchange went between the senator blaming Big Tech and Fauci insisting that he was “totally incorrect.” Moments after Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) ended the kerfuffle and called for Senator Moran to follow, one can hear the faint comment from Fauci saying “What a moron…Jesus Christ.”

And Dr. Fauci just can’t handle criticism so…

The logic is that people will surely get irritated when their lies are busted and soon enough, Dr. Fauci will say bu bye this coming mid-terms as more and more people are wishing him to go away.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Mediaite