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This has not been a great year for Megyn Kelly, host of The Kelly File on Fox News.

Fans first turned on Kelly when she blatantly targeted Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump during the debates. Since that time, her relationship with the nominee has remained tumultuous. She seems to take any opportunity she can to smear him.

Her attitude has definitely had an impact on her relationship with Fox News and the American public. Now, it’s reported that ratings for her show have officially dropped below The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

Some suspect that Megyn will soon be on her way out of Fox News. Bill O’Reilly has made it clear that he doesn’t appreciate Kelly’s lack of solidarity with the Republican party’s nominee. He could end up being the driving force in the push to have her eliminated from the network.

Sarah Ellison from Vanity Fair recently commented that there is a “palpable” hatred between O’Reilly and Kelly, quoting a former Fox News executive, saying “you’d have to have the world’s greatest interventional therapist to come and sit down with them both.”


0 thoughts on “FOX NEWS EXPOSES TRAITOR Megyn Kelly CAUGHT RED HANDED Backing Hillary!! This Is War!

  1. The last couple of weeks Kelly has been blatant in her efforts to make Sligh underhanded remarks about Trump. I rarely ever get upset while watching the news. She makes me angry.

  2. If I remember correctly, Bill O’Reilly was behind the successful take-off of Megan Kelly.
    I was a big fan of hers until she pulled her Trump stunt. I will never look at her the same.
    As a matter of fact, I won’t watch her any more. Bill O’Reilly is tops in my opinion. Megyn,
    on the other hand, appears to think she is ALL THAT !

  3. I have just read an article that Hillary drinks like a sailor????????????????????????? Is this true??I wouldn’t doubt it Bill threw some pretty wild partys on air force !

  4. I couldn’t even find the rest of your story! BECAUSE, OF ALL THE SMUT YOU ALLOW ON YOUR SITE!!! Based upon the few sentences I was able to read, your story is what is known BY REAL JOURNALISTS, AS YELLOW JOURNALISM. I’m also pretty well certain you don’t know what that is. Google it. Sadly, you claim that Kelly is a “Traitor”. What’s sad about it is that you claim to be a Trump supporter. Which I most certainly am. I wish that people such as yourself didn’t have a medium to post your “say” or how you “support” Trump. Trump may say unpopular things, but he’s at least HONEST, a man with INTEGRITY. You’re out to make a lousy buck. You’re as corrupt as Hillary. Go support her campaign…cause you CERTAINLY ARE NOT DOING TRUMP ANY FAVORS! “Irving Chambers” aka a Yellow Journalist …

  5. I stopped liking Ms Kelly when she pulled that crap on Mr. Trump. Lost all respect for her. I hope she is gone. She can have Hillary.

  6. as far as news reporting, Megan Kelly is as useful as a screen door on a submarine during an emergency dive, as her career is headed down down into the deep. Good by Killary lover and have a nice trip. take your tooth brush with you.

  7. I do not watch Megan at all. I flip the channel to watch a re-run of Family Feud. with Steve Harvey. Megan loves herself way too much now.

  8. Kelly is not really an intelligent reporter! Being blond is dumb blond! There goes the saying! Get out of journalism when you’re bias to everyone!

  9. I, like many others have not watched her since the Primary Trump Affair. In fact, I didn’t really watch her before that. I got the impression that she was a PIG who had done many bad things including SEX stuff, in order to get what she wanted. I believe she is a Killery supporter and has been right alone. I would like to know how much she was paid, by the Clinton liars, to destroy the DONALD????? You know, she is not worth talking about, she is a SLUT in my book!

  10. She had it coming to her. She was a hateful lying personal. I think she thought she could do as she pleased too. Anyone could see she backed Hillary cause of the money she got paid. Good for her, she is totally guilty !

  11. First I do t like all the poem ads on this site
    2nd Megan Kelly has revealed numerous times she does not support Trump
    She’s a left wing nazi
    She belongs with her friends over at MSNBC &
    CNN with test of the America hating nazi’s

  12. Hey Fox News, you haven’t said anything about Megyn Kelly and Mr. O’Reily speaking up about backing Killary scissorshand but your did about Hannity telling the truth about Mr. Trump. What’s going on????? Do you have favorites????? Get with the program.

  13. Get rid of Kelly she is bringing down you Fox news station,she is so bias and is so giddy with the men and her choice of sexual clothing. She dosen’t reflect what we want in a newscaster out out out!!!

  14. birds of a feather, flock together. 2 power hungry women who will give their soul to the devil, in exchange for their personal wants.

  15. I can see that this is so true! She has been far from fair and balance! I quit watching her because she started a long time ago. You watch Fox to get fair reporting, if not it becomes CBS, NBC or MSMBC.

  16. Do any of you people who read this site even realize that the content of the article has nothing to do with the headline? It’s piss poor “journalism” and none of this stuff is news.

  17. In what America is a person considered a traitor because they back a particular candidate for public office?

  18. Typical Nazis have given up all pretense of the ‘fair and balanced’ network. Now if you don’t vote on party lines, you should get fired.

    Fascist hypocrites.

  19. Megan sure has changed in the last months. I don’t look at her show anymore. She has become too big now! A shame.

  20. Megan Kelly started the fight with Trump by asking some ridiculous questions about his treatment of women. Now she tries to get every tidbit of nonsense she possibly can to discredit him. She is all for Hillary. I hope she goes off Fox soon.

  21. I used to watch FOXNEWS, but have found that they have geared their favorable news to Hillary. The only show I now watch is Hannity, as he speaks about things that can be proven true. As for Kelly, I can’t stand her anymore. My message to FOXNEWS: Better wake up and go back to reporting the News, as Trump will be President in 2017!

  22. Get it together Fox News we are conservative and we look to you for understanding we want the news not the liberal view. Fire Megan I watch another channel when she’s on I can’t stand to listen to her and her look at her she dresses like a movie star not a News reporter. Off with the glam on with unbias News

  23. Fox news sucks. They use to be good. The only news network I watch is OAN.One American news. The tell the news and thats it. Shame,I liked watching The 5 and Hannity,O’REILLY.

  24. Hey Fox, what about the documents Julian Assange WikiLeaks revealed on FB that Megyn Kelly is an operative for Hillary? The document he revealed was to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS news media and to Megyn Kelly at Fox News, giving them info as to when to bash Trump on air. It was sent to all pro-Hillary networks. Bill O’Reily’s name was on the receiver list, too.

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