George Soros Prepping To Buy Major Stake In American Radio Company…


Jewish-American billionaire George Soros may certainly be one of the most hated people in the world.

Large swaths of Europe and America view him as evil incarnate, sure that he’s putting entire countries at risk. Soros is responsible for the financial collapse of a long list of countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Russia.

And now, in an attempt to stifle conservative voices, he’s looking to get his hands on an anti-communism radio station.

Soros is funding almost every liberal District Attorney in the United States, but this time he is also interested in buying Miami’s famous conservative Spanish radio station called Radio Mambi.

Soros knows exactly that the markets are diverse — Hispanics with roots all over Latin America listen to the stations in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio, McAllen, Fresno, and Las Vegas, including some Hispanic communities where Democrats have lost ground to Republicans.

Soros and liberals know that Trump had more votes from the Cuban American community in Florida than Biden.

More details of this report from Fox News:

Miami’s iconic, Spanish-language conservative talk radio station Radio Mambi could soon be controlled by political strategists who worked for President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The pending sale to a George Soros-linked group has caused outrage inside the station, throughout Miami’s Cuban-American community and among conservative media watchdogs.

Radio Mambi, which is historically linked to the Cuban exile community and offers an anti-communism view, would be controlled by a group of liberals partially funded by Soros, a far-left billionaire, if the $60 million deal is approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Media Research Center director of MRC Latino Jorge Bonilla blasted the move as a power grab by the left.

“This is about power, this is about control. This is not about free speech. This is not about this misinformation. This is about controlling the flow of information to a specific community for political purposes, and that is what makes this deal, I think, so controversial,” Bonilla told Fox News Digital.

Tampa FP added a few details:

Cuban-Americans in South Florida are sharing their concern about a George Soros-backed group purchasing Radio Mambi, a conservative radio station in Miami that is a relentless critic of the communist regime in Cuba.

In a statement on Thursday, the Assembly of Cuban Resistance, a coalition of groups representing exiled expatriates from America’s communist neighbor, said in part that it was “extremely alarmed about the imposition of an ideological agenda contrary to the spiritual and moral values of our community.”

They should be.

That’s because Radio Mambi and a sister station involved in the deal, WQBA, could soon be owned by the Latino Media Network, a group of Democratic activists who ascribe to the Soros worldview.

The LMN was co-founded by Stephanie Valencia, a former Obama administration official, and Jess Morales Rocketto, who worked for the presidential campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. One of its investors is journalist Maria Elena Salinas, a renowned anchor on the Univision network.

Soros will try to infiltrate a Conservative community with their evil Democrats agenda:

Sources: WLTFox News