He Harassed Her Over Tight Pants That Were Against HIS Religion, And He Paid For It Dearly…


An Islamic preacher who labeled a Muslim woman “Satan” and a “slut” for wearing tight-fitting trousers in a city center rant has escaped a prison sentence.

Krissoni Henderson, from Brook Street, Hockley, Birmingham, was handed a 24-month community sentence which will address his anger issues, and a six-month curfew order following the rant on July 4 this year in New Street.

Noor Alneaimi said the incident happened after she stopped to listen to a preacher. Henderson denies using religiously aggravated threatening words or behavior.

Photo credit: Birmingham Mail

Henderson also called his victim a non-believer and a prostitute before branding police “disgusting” atheists, according to prosecutors.

Henderson, 31, was arrested in July after former social worker Alneaimi, who had recently undergone eye surgery, made a complaint to West Midlands police about his behavior.

The student told Henderson’s trial she heard him shouting abusive language to a passerby in New Street, Birmingham before he told her: “Look at your tight jeans.”

Alneaimi, who stressed Henderson was not preaching at the time of the offense, told an earlier hearing:

Police body-cam footage played to magistrates showed officers being berated by Henderson after they called at his flat a day after the incident. The footage showed Henderson saying he was sick and tired of racism, and calling one officer a “filthy disgusting beast” and a “statue worshipper.”

In his evidence to the trial, Henderson, of Brook Street in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, claimed his victim had “targeted” him – and may have been trying to seduce him. Henderson who also shouted “Allahu Akbar” before he was arrested – told magistrates Alneaimi may have been attracted to his muscles.

The preacher – who quoted from both the Koran and the Bible after emerging from court – declined to confirm his religion at the hearing, telling magistrates:

Photo credit: Birmingham Mail

According to Opposing Views, the story quickly went viral, with many calling Henderson’s arrest and subsequent trial karma for his actions.

“He’s a hypocrite. He’s a POS. He’s nothing,” one reader commented.

“This is called a terrorist threat! He should be arrested! [We must] make sure we focus on the enemy! It’s not religion! It’s those people that use & pervert religion to serve their political or personal goals. Freedom from religious persecution is a fundamental value of this country. Promoting hatred against a religious group instead of the animals that perpetrate these crimes is Un-American,” another reader commented.

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