He MURDERED His Daughter’s Sex Pest Stalker, What He Did Next Is Absolutely…


A dad in Minnesota used moose antlers and a shovel to kill a convicted sex offender whom he believed was stalking his daughter.

Levi Axtell, a Minnesota dad, took matters into his own hands after accusing convicted sex offender Lawrence Scully of stalking his daughter. Axtell attacked the 77-year-old sex offender using moose antlers and a shovel, eventually bashing him to death. Axtell then went to the sheriff’s office, covered in blood, to confess to the murder.

Scully had a history of targeting young girls, having been convicted of molesting a six-year-old girl back in 1979. Axtell had been suspicious of Scully for years, filing an order of protection against him in 2018. However, the order was later dropped for undisclosed reasons.

In 2020, Scully was committed to a mental institution and later released but remained on antipsychotic medication. Axtell believed Scully had set his sights on his young daughter and was parking his vehicle near places where there were many children. Axtell felt he had to take action to protect his daughter from becoming Scully’s next victim.

A criminal complaint was filed against Axtell, stating that he entered Scully’s home and used a shovel to hit the old man 15 to 20 times before finishing him off with a large moose antler. Axtell also allegedly damaged Scully’s vehicle during the attack.

A Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy discovered Scully’s body in his residence, with major head trauma and surrounded by blood. Axtell walked to the sheriff’s office, confessing to killing Scully.

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Scully had filed himself as a candidate for mayor of Grand Marais, Minnesota in 2014. However, by 2018, he was facing additional allegations of sexual misconduct against children.

While Axtell’s actions may have been driven by a desire to protect his daughter, taking the law into one’s own hands is never acceptable. The justice system exists for a reason, and individuals suspected of committing crimes must be brought to trial and punished accordingly.

The tragedy of Scully’s life, including his previous conviction and the subsequent allegations against him, highlights the need for effective methods of preventing sexual crimes against children. It is essential that society works to create a culture where children are safe from sexual predators, and that offenders are dealt with appropriately to prevent further harm.

Source: AWM